Friday, January 28, 2011

Obama Fiddles as the Middle East Burns

Of all things, Butch Jackson came into the Cafe this week raving about an funny little Northern African country, "Tunisia overthrew their government in January and were rarely even mentioned in our press, and when mentioned, the press said the government's leader stepped down because of 'street protest'. Obama made a positive statement about Tunisia in his state of the union speech. So what is the history that led up to the present situation in Tunisia that Obama praises? I took this information from the BBC:
'French colonial rule ended in 1956, and Tunisia was led for three decades by Habib Bourguiba, who advanced secular ideas. These included emancipation for women - women's rights in Tunisia are among the most advanced in the Arab world - the abolition of polygamy and compulsory free education. The diverse economy has grown steadily and the slum population has halved. Mr Bourguiba insisted on an anti-Islamic fundamentalist line, while increasing his own powers to become a virtual dictator.

 In 1987 he was dismissed on grounds of senility and Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali' became president. He continued with a hard line against Islamic extremists, but inherited an economically-stable country. 

Although Tunisia has introduced some press freedoms and has freed a number of political prisoners, human rights groups say the authorities tolerate no dissent, harassing government critics and rights activists. Political violence was rare until recently, but militant Islamists have become an issue of concern for the authorities. A suicide bomb attack on an historic synagogue in the resort of Djerba in 2002 killed 21 people and led to a dramatic drop in tourist numbers.

Violent repression of protests over unemployment and lack of political freedom in the winter of 2010-2011 left dozens of people dead. But popular street protests continued and President Ben Ali went into exile in January 2011'."

 Aunt Martha did her best to follow Butch, "So what, Butch? Why do we care?"

"Because history repeats itself. While we were focused on Jimmy Carter's incompetence in screwing up the American economy we found out later that our foreign policy was even more screwed up. Carter never met an enemy of the free world that he didn't like. While Obama has us focused on deficits, socialism, and even gays in the military (all serious issues) while his Radical Muslim friends are taking over the Middle East."

"Martha, I think once again Butch is on a really big issue," weighed in Billy Roy. "While Obama and Clinton just give mushy statements about democracy and violence trying to play both sides, the Radical Muslim's seem to be making huge gains as they take advantage of Obama's weakness and incompetence. Any sane person knows that the conflicts in the Middle East come down to the Radical Muslim Brotherhood and their comrades like al-Queda and the Taliban against more secular and less radical Muslims who, in all cases except Afghanistan and Iraq, are headed up by dictators or royal families.

Let's go through several situations:

Hezbollah is taking over the Lebanon government. Hezbollah is on the U.S. terrorists list. Obama never mentioned this in his State of the Union message. Hezbollah's prime interest is the destruction of Israel and all other 'infidels'.

In Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood is rioting against the current secular (that means non-radical-Muslim) government and the military, who have been U.S. allies.  Obama's idiot press secretary Gibbs, of all things, called this morning for the Egyptian Government to restore the use of Twitter and Social Networking. Meanwhile, what Obama calls peaceful demonstrators, have set the Egyptian President's headquarters on fire. Today commentators are attacking Obama for supporting Radical Street Muslims and at the same time for supporting the present government. Bottom line, no one knows what Obama is doing. Bottom line, we know with Obama in office the radical Muslims have the upper hand in the Middle East.

Afghanistan is an active war in which our clear enemy is the Taliban who George Bush ran out of office because they were providing sanctuaries for al-Queda, who then fled to Pakistan and Yemen. Obama wants to pull out at all costs and hopes to negotiate a compromise with the Taliban.

Iran sits with a huge army on the border of Iraq just waiting for the Obama pull out there. Meanwhile Iran is developing nuclear weapons. The free world has no idea whether Obama will prevent a nuclear Iran. Nor whether he will even allow Israel to stop Iran.

Islamist radicals are taking major steps to control the 80% of the world's oil supply in the middle east.  Meanwhile Obama wants to spend money, we don't have, to ramp up our solar and wind sources which currently supply less than one per cent of our needs.  He also has done everything he can to hinder our development of coal, oil, and nuclear energy.  No sane person can explain these actions and inactions."

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