Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stop Barrack Hussein Obama

In only 21 months Americans will be going to the polls to determine whether we return our current elected President to his office for four more years.  This is the easiest decision in American political history.  It is very simple if we back away and view what we know about the current President.

1.  Obama's background is very murky.  He was mostly a student and community organizer elected to the Illinois congress and then to the U.S. Senate.  To most Americans his known associates are very scary people.
2.  Obama's voting record was the most Liberal/Progressive in the US Senate during his brief term in office.
3.  Obama ran as a Moderate in defeating Hillary Clinton.
4.  Obama's first two years in office with a Democratic House and Senate have resulted in massive spending ($5T over income), deficits ($14T),  increases in government regulations, a takeover of the Auto, Finance, and Health Care industries, and a growth of 200,000 government employees while destroying private jobs at a record level (17% true unemployment).  Additionally, his administration has refused to enforce critical laws and federal judicial rulings such as immigration, oil drilling in the Gulf, unconstitutional Health Care, and the Defense of Marriage Act.
5.  Obama is now believed to be using the next two years to give the appearance of moving back to the center to pick up the independent voters that he has lost while cutting deals to get a larger turnout from his Left and Union supporters.  He will spend $1B in this campaign against a currently unnamed Republican opponent.
6.  IF RE-ELECTED it is clear to anyone with any degree of sanity Obama will lurch back to the LEFT unlike any American President in our history for the next four years.  Call it Socialism, Communism, Progressive, or what you may, it will be to the far, far left.  I repeat for four long years there will be an assault on our Republic and the American way of life that he feels should be "transformed".

So as a voter you are either pleased with this scenario and you are an Obama supporter, or you probably are scared to death, and for good reason..  I say probably because at times we have a tendancy to ignore EVIL.  If scared, read on.

I personally am committed in every small and pitiful way possible to work to keep Barrack Hussein Obama from being re-elected and/or to support any valid and legal action to impeach him before 2012..  In doing so I will work as best as I can to provide facts, strategies, and arguments to accomplish this goal while throwing in a little humor on the side.  My request of readers of like minds is to join in these efforts as well:

A.  Pass along data and opinions that will embellish the contents of this blog.
B.  Provide contributions by adding "comments" to the blog that will enhance communications with readers.
C.  Distribute this blog to as many potential voters and activists as you can reach while encouraging them to distribute to their email lists as well.  My estimates are that we can easily reach tens of thousands of conservative and moderate voters.  We have these viral capabilities at our fingertips.  Let's make the most of our opportunities to serve this nation that has done so much for us.

Please provide me with feedback as to your views and suggestions.

It is at least worth thinking about, and the time to act is now,



  1. I don't have to think about this one, hell I don't even need to ask Billy R.. Less vote him out.

    Lanky from Hubbard

  2. A friend from the UK sent the following comment: Jim, You can count on me. I am a 'birther', and don't believe Obama was born in the US and if he is proved to be born 'legally', then he did take an Indonesian passport at one time in his youth. As far as government workers, here in the UK they go from one job to another with local councils, and reap several pension plans. I think there should be a limit of one government pension per person. We don't want people accumulating these gold plated pensions. There was a case here in the UK last week where after 6 years the man took early retirement, and the local council topped up his pension to include all the payments he would have received if he had stayed another 15 years. This is theft. In the US, what about congressmen? Do they get a pension for being in the House, then another if they go to the Senate? The Republican House should pass a bill to say that all congressmen have the same Obamacare as the rest of us. Guess this all riles me, Rod