Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why Do We Ignore Evil?

Though somewhat confused many Americans are celebrating what our leader calls "peaceful demonstrations" in Northern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula (some wackos are even celebrating the union thugs in Wisconsin).  In general these events seem to start as demonstrations by mostly young people protesting autocratic royal families or dictators that have been in power for 30-40 years, and who have intentions of continuing their rein by having their heirs replace them.  Let's call this Stage 1.  Stage II varies based on whether the regime has the control and determination to use force against the demonstrators.  In all cases the EVIL dictators will use force, and in most cases, will survive the protests because their military and police do not join the protesters. 

This was not the case in Egypt.  Mubarak either was not EVIL enough or did not have control enough of the military to turn them against the protesters.  In Libya clearly Qaddafi is EVIL enough and has control of enough of the military to go from protest to a combative revolution.  Others like Iran and China easily "put down" their protests to date and never get to Stage III.

Our danger is that if we cheer for all "peaceful demonstrators" the chances are the EVIL leaders will stay in power and shed blood while the less-evil US allies (Egypt and Bahrain) could be overthrown.

Once the regimes are overthrown these countries move to Stage 3, the democratic election.  In most cases the elections are won by the best organized not necessarily the majority of the people.  Hitler was elected under the German Constitution by a huge majority vote even though his supporters were fairly small.  He then abolished the Constitution as the crowds cheered.  Each of the current countries in conflict could be taken over by Islamic elected regimes who will clearly attempt to take over these protests and use them as opportunities to gain power and start a major Islamic Iranian type revolution across the entire middle east.  One observer called this possibility "one man, one vote, one time".

The message to the democracy celebrating Americans is to be careful what you wish for because you might get it.  And remember, our founding fathers spent more time creating a Republic to protect our country against the pure Democratic process because they feared the dangers of democracy the most.  They used separated powers and the rule of law to safeguard  this Republic form of government.

While exploring EVIL there is a new video released entitled "Iranium" which explores the dangers of a nuclear Iran.  I hope Valerie Jarret, our Closet Commander in Chief, studies the film.  One of the most interesting points made was the inability of us to be able to depend on MAD to protect the world against a nuclear Iran.  MAD is Mutual Assured Destruction.  A standoff that occurs when two nuclear powers like the US and the Soviets are both armed with weapons of mass destruction and both sides "do not want to die".  A nuclear armed radical Islamic state like Iran is different .  The radicals believe their lives do not start until they die and the sooner the better in the name of martyrdom.  So instead of mutual destruction being a deterrent, it is an inducement. This is a very scary thought, and one of many reasons why the free world can not let EVIL nations get their hands on nukes.  And what do many Liberals call people that are concerned, they call these fears "Islamaphobia".   Additionally, Obama back before he was replaced as President by Valerie Jarret, said "We should not meddle in the internal affairs of Iran".

Time and time again throughout history people have ignored EVIL only to have to pay big time at a later date at places like Pearl Harbor, Europe in WWII, and on 911.  None other than Ronald Reagan was the last leader that I know of who labeled a major threat to world peace an Evil Empire.  The label stuck and the Soviet Union crumbled.

Today my simple mind thinks that people who help pimps keep young teen age prostitutes working by arranging abortions are EVIL.  I think, not only drug cartels that smuggle narcotics to destroy our young people are EVIL, but those who willfully allow open borders as well.  I think those "Islamic believers" that would kill "infidels" are EVIL. 

Think about it,


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  1. Jim,

    You can count on me. I am a 'birther', and don't believe Obama was born in the US and if he is proved to be born 'legally', then he did take an Indonesian passport at one time in his youth.

    As far as government workers, here in the UK they go from one job to another with local councils, and reap several pension plans. I think there should be a limit of one government pension per person. We don't want people accumulating these gold plated pensions. There was a case here in the UK last week where after 6 years the man took early retirement, and the local council topped up his pension to include all the payments he would have received if he had stayed another 15 years. This is theft.

    In the US, what about congressmen? Do they get a pension for being in the House, then another if they go to the Senate?

    The Republican House should pass a bill to say that all congressmen have the same Obamacare as the rest of us.

    Guess this all riles me,