Monday, March 7, 2011

Be A Good Boy and Go Play Your Fiddle

Somehow Butch was able to capture a memo from the White House again. Here it is:

Date: March 6, 2011
From: Valerie Jarret, Closeted Commander in Chief
To: BHO, Full Time Candidate for the President of the United States in 2012

Major Weekly Goals:
1. Don't screw anything up.
2. Make every effort to look good to your targeted voters for 2012 Re-election.
3. Stay out of my way.

1. Make meaningless announcements of our inaction in all foreign affairs. Particularly, those regarding "demonstrations" in the Middle East. "Examples: The situation is volatile. We are against violence. We are monitoring the situation closely. All options are on the table. We are in very active discussions with our International Partners. Lastly, if it is fairly certain a leader will be overthrown, and then say 'he must go'. If wrong, we can always walk it back."
2. Make statements regarding "demonstrations" in states like Wisconsin in support of Labor Union partners like "we are against union bashing'. Do not even try to understand the budget issues much less comment on them.
3. Be aware that gasoline (fuel for automobiles) has increased 33 cents this week. Blame Libya and comment that you are concerned that this might slow down your economic recovery plan. If pressed blame Republicans for not passing Cap and Trade which would have us energy independent but don't comment on any dates or specifics.
4. Make every effort to get the Press to focus on the upcoming "round ball tournament".
5. If asked about the Federal Budget, repeat that you have VP Biden focused on working with stubborn Republicans. By the way, I have sent Biden to Europe to get him out of the way but don't comment on this.

Billy Roy actually complimented the President,”He is following script pretty well. The thing that is driving me the craziest right now is how some things don't change. With Jihadist Islamic Terrorists, Obama wants to treat them like any other potential criminal. Wait until there is an infraction (that would be a terrorist murder), don't jump to conclusions until authorities investigate (that would be the FBI), and then use the criminal justice system to have the guilty suffer the consequences. Absolutely keep the CIA out of it, and above all, never admit violators are Muslims much less that there is any connection between the 22 attacks in the first two years of his administration.

And now he takes the same approach with Quadaffi in Libya. His terrorist regime is engaged in destroying those who are attempting to overthrow his government. Obama says it is up to Quadaffi as to what actions he takes, but warns he will be held accountable. Most of these people think if they die for Alla they live in paradise. I just wonder how Obama is going to hold these folks living in paradise accountable. We have gone from a Bush led pre-emptive War on Terror to find, capture or kill, and stop the murdering Jihadists before they strike to this mamby pamby 'don't screw anything up' leadership. Obama doesn't care if it is a friendly ally from Egypt, a terrorist murderer from Libya, or the Israelis. Obama doesn't care about anyone but Obama. He plans to treat them all the same. He just wants to not get involved, not screw up, and try to look good to voters."

Scott Riddle summed it up, "Well Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Next thing you know they will get Obama a fiddle."

Think about it,


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