Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ain't No Compromise at the Hubbard City Cafe

Scott Riddle, insurance tycoon and renowned cattle man in and about Hill County has talked for many years about something he calls "idiot pitches". It is sorta like the old saying about suckers being a dime a dozen. His latest example has to do with something viewed as wonderful by many citizens, and even some Republican politicians, compromise and bi-partisanship. "When the Dems had a President and majorities in the Senate and House they said we won, you lost, eat crap. They even jury rigged passing Obamacare to avoid a legitimate Senate filibuster. Now that Republicans have a majority in the House, all we hear is compromise, compromise. We hear it on health care, on budgets, on everything. And we all know a compromise with Obama is 'I win, you lose, eat crap'."

Scotty Anderson, another Hubbard City insurance tycoon, almost jumped to his feet (I said almost), "The biggest and most dangerous idiot pitch on compromise isn't even health care or the budget. The Socialists are making a big push to convince folks that since jobs, the economy, and the deficit are such important issues that we should call a 'truce' on social issues. So let's not get into things like abortion and the definition of marriage. Let's just continue funding Planned Parenthood's practice of aborting babies carried by young teens and poor minorities, along with anyone else who finds a pregnancy 'inconvenient'. Also, we will not try to pass laws to redefine marriage right now, we will just tell our Attorney General to stop enforcing existing laws that define marriage as a legal bond between one man and one woman. Even many so called conservatives are agreeing with this 'compromise' which is really just pure and simple surrender. They win, we lose, eat crap."

Billy Roy with sheer delight entered the conversation since this is one of his very favorite subjects, "Many folks in this country like to claim they are Reagan Republicans on fiscal issues, but don't like to get into 'social' issues because that's not their business. Some say 'I am a fiscal conservative and a social libertarian'. Now ain't that sophisticated.

The founders established this republic on the principle of self rule and that we are all given with unalterable rights from our Creator. They said from day one that if citizens were not responsible, moral, and respecting of each other's rights this form of government would fail. The Reagan doctrine was based on the Conservative Principles of economic freedom, national defense, and CIVIL SOCIETY. In creating and maintaining a citizenship capable of self government real conservative leaders know the defense of the family unit, the protection of religious freedom, and the protection and life and liberty are essential in preparing the next generation for economic success and for the defense of the homeland. All statistics say the breakdown of the family, and the church, result in a breakdown of our civil society. Every Communist, atheist, and Jihadist (or anyone else) dedicated to destroying the most successful country in world history (that would be us) knows this. And don't think for a minute a little skinny, flop eared; community organizer, who admittedly wants to 'transform America', doesn't know this. The question is,  'do so called conservative patriots realize that Fiscal Responsibility and National Defense can only stand on a strong 'Social and Civil Society'.'

In picking our nominee for 2012 we desperately need a leader who understands healthy marriage and stable family structures who are supported by healthy local churches and schools are not compromisable.  A leader of this ilk is best suited to make informed decisions about the best ways to decrease federal spending, reduce the national deficit, defend the homeland, and promote a flourishing society."

In a rare moment, Mom summed it all up, "We are making marriage rare (75% of Black and 29% of White children are born out of wedlock), divorce easy (50% of American adults are single), and kids who live in homes without dads the norm. One third of our families are living on payments from TAXPAYERS with government welfare promoters as the middle men. These kids from broken homes are five times more likely to live in poverty than those with both parents and twice as likely to drop out of school. As hard as it is to grow up without a dad, there is a far worse fate: not growing up at all because our generation did not protect the child's life in their own mother's womb. And we give lip service to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all. Clearly a baby in the womb is the most helpless of all, and the most in need of protection.  And somehow we accept that it is a mother's choice to end this life, and then set up TAXPAYER funded factories that encourage the practice."

Maybe those Social Libertarians aren't so sophisticated after all. Their desire for a responsible fiscal government will never happen in a corrupted civil society. Just ask the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Communists.

If America fails, it will not fail because of excess spending or even massive deficits.  Nor will it fail because Jihadist fanatics have declared war on this great nation.  It will fail because our Civil Society is corrupt and our citizens have elected officials that support their immoral addictions.

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