Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cafe Calls For Barack Hussein Obama To Stand Down

To no one’s surprise it appears the Hubbard City Cafe is the very first political organization to SERIOUSLY call for the impeachment of one Barack Hussein Obama. Grounds? The current President is clearly guilty of a gross Dereliction of Duty, and the Cafe is quite serious.

Though dereliction of duty generally refers to a specific military offense, the same term is used to describe an occurrence of an elected official failing to perform his or her elected duty. The result of dereliction of duty on the part of an elected official isn’t the same as the military consequence. Under military law, a person convicted of dereliction of duty can be given a dishonorable or bad behavior discharge from his or her branch of service, and may forfeit pay or be sentenced to six months confinement. Conversely, an elected official accused of dereliction of duty may not be reelected or may be impeached.

The definition of dereliction is "the shameful failure to fulfill one's obligations". The President of the United States has failed to fulfill his duty and obligations to the American people in the following areas:

1. The current President has failed to secure the borders of the United States from illegal aliens including drug traffickers, terrorists, and illegal workers. Additionally, the President has attempted to prevent the States from securing their borders by misusing the Justice Department to bring federal suits against his own citizens in Arizona (a state with 460,000 illegal immigrants) who passed SB1070, a law that basically tasks state and local law enforcement with helping enforce the federal immigration law that the President refusing to enforce. The President fears the enforcement of immigration laws would cost him votes in 2012 and the opportunity to pass amnesty legislation resulting in even more votes. At the same time, the President's “Justice” Department will not pursue blatant voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party demonstrating extreme racial bias by the nation's highest ranking law enforcement officers.

2. The current President has been operating without a federal budget since his election to office enabling the President to create huge deficits measured in the Trillions of dollars placing our country on the verge of economic collapse. The President appointed a bi-partisan commission to advise the nation on our fiscal condition, and then blatantly ignored their recommendations in favor of "playing political games" motivated by the President's desire to be re-elected.

3. The President has clearly violated his oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States" in pushing a Democratic Congress to violate legislative procedures in passing a government takeover of the Nation's health care system based on regulating interstate commerce even though health insurance cannot be sold across state lines. Additionally the plan forces citizens to buy a product (health insurance) trampling individual constitutional rights. Federal Judges have ruled this legislation unconstitutional.

4. While boasting of the United States' production of petroleum products the President has refused to propose a comprehensive energy plan to make us energy independent from foreign sources while sabotaging the exploration and production of coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear energy. His actions include defying judicial orders to drop the ban on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. The facts are the US oil industry produced 7.51 million barrels of crude oil per day in 2010 (this is the same as our production in 1955). Domestic production of crude oil peaked at 11.30 million barrels a day in 1970. Obama today, and environmentalist over the last 40 years, have sabotaged American efforts to achieve energy independence to the extinct of placing us in an economic crisis today that threatens this country's future.

5. The first duty of the American President is to defend our country against foreign enemies. The US, along with the free world, is under attack today from radical Islamists who have no loyalty except to their religious beliefs that through jihad they will establish an Islamic theocracy that will eventually rule a worldwide caliphate. Yet this President refuses to even acknowledge the enemy. No matter how many Muslim gunmen shout "Allahu akbar" as they mow down innocent non-Muslims Obama's party line is 'Islam is a religion of peace that has been hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists'. His attempts to close Gitmo, treat foreign terrorists as domestic criminals, harness the operations of the CIA, and support the overthrow of Middle East and Northern Africa governments in support of Islamic Jihadists place this country at great risks.

Additionally, the President has recently commited the US Military to combat in Libya without approval of the US Congress in clear violation of the Constitution.  He has taken this action without any impending danger to the US.  Those troops have been placed under the supervision of the United Nations who has no jurisdiction to lead US troops to war.

When you view these five cases of Barack Hussein Obama's actions, and inactions, one has to question his motives. Some feel he is consciously dismantling this Republic with hostile intent. Others feel he is a young, naive, inexperienced narcissist. And still others believe he is only a puppet whose strings are being pulled by powerful evil forces. There are serious questions about this President's background, his relationships with Socialists and Black Liberation Theology leaders, and even his work habits and ability to focus and concentrate on important events. All are serious and valid concerns.

No matter the motives behind Obama's dereliction of duty the non-functioning leader of the free world needs to stand down, and soon.

Lastly, unlike union thugs and Democratic Congressman in Wisconsin if impeachment charges against this President are taken it should be done in a lawful and peaceful manner. The great thing about our country is we do not have to take to the streets using TV cameras and violence to make the changes necessary to stay the greatest nation in the history of mankind.

Think about it,


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