Saturday, March 19, 2011

Muslim Solutions Are Either Bad Or Worse

Unaccustomed to initiating conversations Billy Roy Mitchum, local country and western star, lowered his voice to draw the coffee drinkers in, "Seems strange to me that we call the Iraq War the bad war when their dictator has control of the second largest oil reserves in the world, a big army, and a huge threat to his neighbors who have most of the other oil reserves. Then we call Afghanistan the good war when they have no oil and mostly just dope. Now to top it off, Obama wants to encourage any and everybody in the Middle East and Northern Africa to overthrow their governments. One thing we do know is that all of these countries are Islamic with radicals in control or they want to be in control."

"Yes, BM, but aren't the guys running these other countries bad guys and don't we want democracies", asked Butch.

BM loved the question, "There are no good solutions in Islam, only bad or worse. My guess is Obama is going WORSE.  And of course Hillary won't know the difference.  Most countries like Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, and Jordan are either run by royal families or dictators. Let's call them strongmen. These strongmen have kept the Islamic Radical Clerics who want to lead a worldwide Jihad against all non-believers (they call it a world-wide caliphate) under control for years. These strongmen dictators have been considered 'moderates' but strong as hell. They put down rebellions very quickly and with great force. The last time we had a big sissy in the White House, one Jimmy Carter, he allowed the overthrow of the Shah of Iran, and you know how that resulted. The radical jihadists will come in after any so called 'democratic revolt' and take over.  These guys are about as democratic as the Democratic congressmen in Wisconsin."

"The current White House sissy is developing a pattern. He initially calls any revolution a peaceful demonstration by citizens with legitimate complaints of their government. When the demonstrators escalate, like in Libya where they overran a military base and captured big weapons, our President then voices his concern that the government must not use force against their own 'citizens'. In Egypt and Libya our leader then asked the dictator to step down not having any idea, nor apparently caring, who the revolutionaries were or who they would turn out to be. Thank goodness in Egypt the military is still in control.  What is becoming clear is that Barack Hussein Obama is very supportive of any overthrow of government where a dictator or royal family is in control. He goes soft when the government is run by radical Islamic clerics or mullahs like in Iran."

Butch got it, "Now he has the UN helping overthrow these governments. Don't the Europeans know their countries will be even flooded more by immigrants fleeing all this violence. These large Muslim populations in Europe will then be a part of the caliphate of the future. Hell, Islam is on a roll. Real revolutionaries in Libya would be yelling, 'Down With Islam'. All I have heard is 'Up With Islam'. The 50% of Muslims represented by the fairer sex (that would be women) will rue the disappearance of the 'dictators' as the new leaderships will quickly replace the dictator rule with sharia law. Saddam Hussein and the Baath socialists were actually good for women and minorities. Look at Iraq today as they struggle to put in a real democracy. The USA doesn't have allies on either side of the struggle in Libya. This is one in which we should have declared a strict neutrality."

"Well, I don't like anything about Moammar Qaddafi. He was always a thug, and, during the Cold War, he was very solidly the Soviet Bloc's thug, and an outspoken enemy of the USA. But, for the past couple of decades, the Muslim world seems to have been proving to the rest of the world that the only way to keep Muslims from eating each other alive is putting a thug over them," summed up Billy Roy.

Scott Riddle entered as things began to wind down, "Complex situations. Lot's of shades of gray. One thing is for certain. We as a country have no idea what Obama's agenda is in the Middle East. The only thing we are certain of he is completely incapable of providing any kind of American principled leadership. And then we have Hillary. Every meeting between Hillary and Obama has been, and will always be, in a completely empty room. On the other hand, their incompetence might just keep us out of trouble. It is clear that the rest of the world thinks we are now irrelevant until after 2012."

"With gasoline at $3.55 a gallon, an increase of 47 cents a gallon since the beginning of the year up from $2.78 a year ago, and a $223 billion deficit in February alone the Socialists could use a good little war in Libya where our big ships can sit off the coast and shoot missiles at Libya's military targets. It is just like a training exercise."

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