Monday, May 9, 2011

The Answer to "Who Is Barack Hussein Obama?"

For several years the big question has been, 'Who is Barack Hussein Obama?'. 

The answer, A PUPPET, pure and simple.

How do you know if the star of the show you are watching is a puppet?  You watch closely to determine if you can see the strings.  With this President you don't have to even squint to see, not strings, but chains.  Big heavy chains that are directing his every move!!!

Here is a short list of people and organizations that manipulate these chains, and in doing so, the leader of the free world:

Michelle Obama and the Chicago Crazies- The First Lady and her Chicago radical crazy but powerful friends (Valerie Jarrett, Bill Ayers, and big donors like George Soros, etc.) discovered Wonder Boy, hired him into Michelle's law firm, married him, and have controlled him ever since.  After the 2010 election disaster for the Dems, this group has been at war with the mainstream Democratic Party, led by William Daley, Obama's new Chief of Staff.  The Daley camp know they must takeover as Puppet Masters to save the Democratic Party and the country as well.  Some predict these two groups will either find common ground or the Democrats will throw the Puppet under the train before 2012.

Speech writers- My gosh this guy treats a teleprompter like a life support system. He sucks on it harder then his cigs. Additionally, he avoids press conferences more than he has avoided real jobs throughout his career. When the wive of a pilot who died on 911 asked if the Puppet would ask Erich Holder not to attempt to indict CIA interrogators who got information that led to bin Laden, his answer was, "No, I won't", and he turned his back and walked away. This is the Puppet without a teleprompter.

Green Guys- Global Warmers (now Climate Change) whose dual purpose is to bring down the US making it subservient to Global Organizations (UN) and to make Zillions of dollars (Algore, Clinton, GE, Venture Capitalists, Pelosi, George Soros, etc.).  These guys have already manipulated gasoline to $4.00 a gallon while pouring Billions into their own Green Companies and stopping US energy exploration and production.  They haven't given up on the big prize, Cap and Trade.  They will attempt to accomplish it through regulation instead of legislation.  Just watch.  It is happening as we focus on our Wonder Boy's courage in giving up the back nine to watch Navy Seals from a DC bunker.

Black Racists- No where is the Puppet more willingly manipulated than by the Black Liberation militants (Rev. Jeremiah Wright and friends, ACORN, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc.) in concert with Brother Erich Holder, Department of Justice, and their mouth piece, David Axelrod.  The DOJ announced just this past month it had investigated itself and found it was completely innocent in dropping the investigation of the New Black Panther party who intimidated voters (captured on video tape in 2010).  Other little troubling incidents included paying black farmers Billions who never owned farms because they were deemed to have been discriminated against by lending authorities.  Republican Representative Issa will get his biggest test in this area to see whether he will investigate these criminal acts or whether he has been bought off by the Puppet's handlers.  Black Racism has never been more rampant nor as devisive in this country than at this time.

Reid and Pelosi:  Once Wonder Boy set the table these two actually pulled the chains to create the Obamacare Monster that will destroy the world's greatest health care system while making American citizens slaves to the Federal Government. The actual legislative content was drafted before the Puppet was in office by the George Soros crazies.

Goldman Sachs: The big money wall street crew has pulled the Puppet's Chains to get him to bail them out from their role in the sub prime mortgage crash after letting a major competitor, Lehman Brothers, go under. They own Tiny Tim Geithner, Secretary of Treasury, not to mention their influence over the Federal Reserve. They are behind the plan to inflate the dollar to pay off the country's huge debt with cheap dollars. The Puppet passes legislation to reform the financial markets, and Goldman drafts the bill.  The only constant in the ecoomy is Goldman makes tons while only small businesses, the poor and those on fixed incomes (the old) get hurt.

Labor Unions:  They had the Puppet use taxpayer money to screw shareholders and buy General Motors and Chrysler to save their pensions and jobs.  The Public Sector unions are such a scam, and so corrupt, that even FDR wouldn't touch them.  Unions force dues from public sector workers.  Unions buy politicians.  Politicians raise taxes to pay public sector workers higher benefits.  Workers pay the unions.  Everybody wins except taxpayers who fund workers, unions, and politicians. 

The Military and CIA:  Gates, Petreaus, Panetta, and even Hillary have chained the Puppet to many of the Bush policies that the Chicago Radical Crazies despise.  This is good news.  GITMO is still open.  Military tribunals will be held someday.  We surged in Afghanistan.  We delayed our pull out in Iraq.  And despite Michelle and Valery Jarrett's success in getting the Puppet to dither on bin Laden for literally months, the Panetta led group finally trapped the President into allowing the killing of bin Laden.  Does anyone really believe the President would have gone to play golf if he knew we had launched an attack on bin Laden's compound?  Not only did they keep the details from the Pakistani President, but they kept them from the Puppet President as well.  After the attack all Obama knew was what he read off the teleprompter.

Note:  Sadly, it appears the Chicago Crazies will ultimately win control of our International Affairs.  The crazies have been successful in getting Gates to resign and moving Warrior Petreaus out of the military to run a crippled CIA while making huge defense cuts.   We will be  pulling out of the Middle East leaving it to be dominated by Iran and Islamic Jihadists if the crazies continue to have their way.  While Panetta is more honest than the rest, and will be confirmed Secretary of Defense by Republicans, he is a politician and bean counter who will pull the military back and downsize it while soldiering for the Democratic Party.  Regarding the CIA and counter-terrorism, we have not captured, interrogated, nor retained a high value militant since the Puppet President has been in office. With the capture of critical information about Al Queda leaders in bin Laden's compound we are in a great position to apprehend their leaders.  However, we are trapped.  If we capture them we Mirandize them? This is dangerous and inexcusable, and will ultimately cost American lives.  Instead of proactively protecting our citizens, the President's handlers have him sit back and wait "for the crime", and then treat it like any other alleged violation of law.  This gives enemy terrorist combatants, bent on destroying the United States, the rights of US Citizens who are innocent until proven guilty.  It is beyond insanity.  Only a Puppet could implement such a brainless strategy with such careless abandon and with no guilt.  Sadly, there will be avoidable blood on his wooden hands.

43% of White voters did not see the chains in 2008 or they liked the Puppet Masters.  It is up to us to spread the word.  Scary doesn't even come close in describing the situation we have allowed ourselves to get into.

By the way, as Herman Cain showed us last week in the Republican debate, it is not about race.

Think about it,


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