Saturday, May 7, 2011

Notes Pertaining to Obama and Osama (and jobs)

Note 1:  Have you ever seen as many fictitious "official" announcements come out of a White House regarding any topic as you have seen with the killing of Osama?  This is a perfect example of mixing spinning, lying, politics, and a significant real event all managed by amateurs.  It is tough getting your story straight when you are masking a Puppet who was on the golf course and didn't have a clue what was going on.

Note 2:  Have you noticed that when this administration makes a good decision like using the CIA and Navy Seals rather than bombs, it was made by our courageous President all alone?  Yet when there are questionable decisions like whether to show pictures of Osama, it is Gates decision.  When Muslims complain about giving the evil Osama an honorable Muslim burial at sea, it is blamed on the advice of military intelligence and the Secretary of Defense as not to inflame Islamic Jihadists.  No wonder Gates can't wait to get out of this administration.  Every Obama cabinet member knows they are there for one major reason and that is to take the heat if something goes wrong leaving the image of Wonder Boy as clean as the driven snow. 

Note 3:  Have you noticed how upset we are that the Pakistanis have been harboring Al Queda's bin Laden yet we do not complain about them harboring Afghanistan's Taliban?  After all, it is the Taliban that kills American soldiers in Afghanistan, and Al Queda hasn't been in Afghanistan for years.  Why do we allow this?  Because Obama wants the Pakistanis to help him negotiate a settlement with the Taliban so that he can pull our troops out and declare a victory over Al Queda leaving the Afghanistan people at the mercy of the Taliban, again.  For their help with the Taliban Obama gives them Billions every year.

Note 4:  How do the Pakistanis get away with playing both sides, the US on one side and the Jihadists/Taliban on the other?  The answer is rarely even mentioned in the news and by analysts, INDIA.  This is the real enemy of Pakistan.  India  is larger and a  better armed foe on their border with a history of war against Pakistan.  And the US plays both sides, India and Pakistan.  We have trained the Pakistanis well how to straddle and play one against the other.  We have been doing it for years.

Note 5: Don't forget jobs.  How was the  jobs report celebrated by the Administration because they added over 200,000 new jobs (over 60,000 at MacDonald's who was given a deferment on implementing Obamacare)?  The same report said over 400,000 people filed new claims for unemployment taking the fake number from 8.8% to 9.0%.  The real number, including underemployed, is over 18%.

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