Thursday, June 23, 2011

How Do We Get The Moochers to Care About Their Children?

Margaret Thatcher said, “Socialists eventually run out of other people’s money.” The folks at the Hubbard City Café think that Obama is counting on it.

Billy Roy Mitchum, in an unusual appearance, actually initiated conversation at the Café this particular week, “It has to be clear even to a half drunk casual observer from Limestone County that Obama’s agenda is well thought out, orchestrated, and on track. His formula is good old fashioned Socialism consisting of the following:

1. Tax the Producers (examples and proof would include cap and trade, so called tax reform, and taxes on energy)
2. Over-regulate the Producers (Not only through agencies like Environmental Protection, Interior, and Health, Education, and Welfare, but through the many Czars he has appointed reporting directly to the White House (see next blog for a list))
3. Direct Government Takeover (the American auto industry except for Ford, Obamacare is a well laid out plan, and the financial TARP bailout)
4. Redistribute Wealth (so called tax reform, nationalizing health care, expanding welfare, causing and extending unemployment, and sponsoring public sector collective bargaining)
5. Control the Legal System (pack the courts with activist judges while defying the constitution everywhere possible)
6. Eliminate the US as a ‘Colonial Power’ (withdraw from Iraq, surrender in Afghanistan, drop our support of Israel, gutting the military, while taking a back seat to NATO and the UN)

“The question that is dumbfounding folks is how does Obama feel the American producers and voters can and will continue to support those who suck money out and redistribute it without the US economic system failing. The answer is that HE DOESN’T. HE FULLY EXPECTS THE SYSTEM TO FAIL AND THE FASTER THE BETTER AFTER SEPTEMBER OF 2012 AND HIS RE-ELECTION. Between now and then he will spend all his resources convincing the moochers that Republicans and rich producers are at fault and to blame and that the only hope for the moochers is to turn to the government for life lines.”

Mom had a question, “BM, what is a moocher?”

“Good question,” Maxine. “Moochers are parasites who believe they can act strategically with politicians and bureaucrats to gain personal and group advantages over others in a society including delivering them votes. Ironically, centuries of Socialist failures have taught those who have paid any attention at all that moochers in the long run get hurt the most. ”

Of course it was time for Butch Jackson to jump in with numbers, “Do you want proof that redistribution and its resulting destruction of an economic system doesn’t work, not even for the moochers? Look what Obama-economics have done for minorities. Hispanic unemployment is 12%. For Blacks it is 16%, the same as in the 1929 depression. It is up from 12% when Obama took office. And these numbers are understated. Can you believe it? Jim Hammock always says that Socialism hurts the poor worse than anyone. That’s why he calls it an idiot pitch.”

“Then you have more wealthy groups like gays who have higher average incomes than the rest of the population and still tend to vote for Socialists because of so called ‘gay rights’. Clearly they will pay a heavy economic price for their single issue politics. Same with the wealthier Hispanics who feel they will gain from immigration issues if they have Socialists in office. And the one that boggles my mind the most are the women (Butch never understood women much). Certainly women, and particularly single moms, will suffer the most as many of them support Socialists because they feel they gain somehow by the so called ‘women’s movement’. All these groups will suffer severely from the Obama Socialist agenda.”

Aunt Martha is a watch dog when it comes to large and powerful corporations, “Surprisingly to some, the stupid moochers also include some business people and large companies who are willing participants in capital cronyism in what they feel get them short term gains. General Electric is at the top of the list in selling out to Obama in an attempt to control the energy markets. DOW Chemical and DuPont colluded on Cap and Trade. Companies like Johnson and Johnson and Pfizer stupidly bought into Obamacare. Goldman Sachs writes the regulatory bills for Obama. These companies get what appears to be sweet heart deals, and of course, contribute heavily to Obama’s $1 trillion election war chest. Like the other moochers they will pay heavily in the long term for their roles in destroying the free trade principles that have made this nation great.”

And of course BM closed, “This is the most serious stuff in my lifetime. THE LONG TERM SURVIVAL OF OUR PROSPERITY RESTS ON THE ABILITY OF THESE GROUPS TO GRASP THE BENEFITS OF THEIR INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS IN AN OPEN SOCIETY. The alternative is for them to eat the Socialist Obama dog food believing they can gain special benefits even while those policies are putting the nation in decline. These moocher’s children will live like Cuban peasants if Obama is successful. I guess the big question is do the moochers care?”

Think about it,


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