Thursday, June 16, 2011

Up is Down, Night is Day, and Obama Will Take Care of the Little People

Scott Riddle's bumper sticker says:


Scott doesn't suffer fools well, "On Sunday's 'Meet the Press', host David Gregory confronted DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz with the cold hard facts—unemployment is up 25 percent since President Obama's inauguration day, the debt is up 35 percent, a gallon of gas is up 104 percent, and 59 percent of Americans disapprove of the President's handling of the economy. Wasserman Schultz's gleefully replied that, in all likelihood, is still spinning like a top two days later: 'We were able to, under President Obama's leadership, turn this economy around'. While naive Republicans celebrate, the Socialist Democrats are setting the stage to get the idiot vote in 2012."

"Their idiot pitch is clear. The economy would have been even worse without Obama's leadership. Bush and his rich, greedy friends created this mess. The needs of regular folks going forward are huge and may be getting even greater as Obama digs us out of this awful hole. Meanwhile, Obama will safeguard our health care, continue our safety nets including welfare and unemployment checks without change, and defend the rights of our organized labor unions while making the rich pay their fair share. He will not throw old people over cliffs and will eliminate fat kids forever. Those lucky people who are more fortunate will pay with fairer, higher taxes and by being regulated to insure that they cannot destroy our economy even more," these words were obviously weighing heavily on Scott Riddle's heart. He gets like this sometimes when it's not raining that much or when the grasshoppers are eating more of his grass than his cows. Also, don't forget this is the time of year when the Libs at the Hubbard City Drug Store generally blame downtown global warming on the Scott's cow farts (you know that CO2 problem). He gets real cantankerous.

Butch Jackson, local follower of facts and other stuff fired back, "Obviously, first, the economy has not turned around. In a roundtable published by Barron's magazine, 10 money managers and financial market experts were unanimous in their belief that slower economic growth is in store for the second half of 2011. Meanwhile, economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal say that the biggest risk to the U.S. economy’s recovery is a slowdown in hiring. On average, they expect the economy to add just 2.2 million jobs over the next year and this doesn't come close to making up the 3 million jobs lost since the Puppet has been in office. And to make matters worse, some economists are saying the United States is in worse financial shape than Greece when our public debt is added to all the money owed to cover future liabilities in entitlement programs. These are the bankrupted entitlement programs Medicaid, Medicare, and social security that Obama and the Dems will not allow to be fixed."

Butch was on a roll, "If you apply simple logic, if the economy had turned the corner, the President wouldn't need to tour the country to convince America that down is up, night is day, and that he's doing a great job getting people back to work."

"Butch have you ever heard of Karl Marx? From each according to his ability, to each according to his need (or needs). The phrase summarizes the principles that in a communist society every person should contribute to society to the best of his or her ability and consume from society in proportion to his or her needs. Even though this system has never worked many people during tough times go along with it if they think they will be taken care of. Instead of building wealth like Ronald Reagan did, Obama wants to redistribute from the producers to the 'unfortunate'. Limbaugh say's this is like trying to increase the depth of water in the shallow end of a swimming pool by taking water out of the deep end of the pool and pouring it into the shallow end. This is wealth redistribution. It doesn't work," Scott came prepared.

"Why not," a favorite Butch question?

"It is terrible for both producers and slackers. Producers learn that the more they produce, the more they are punished. They start spending time and money in attempts to avoid the theft of their hard earned wealth. They also slow down their production (production adds water to the swimming pool discussed earlier) since there are few incentives to grow wealth.  Remember when producers slow down, jobs go away.  On the other hand, the slackers learn that they are competing for handouts from the looters (politicians). How do they compete? By having more needs than the other slackers. They spend more time arguing their cases of need than looking for ways to produce themselves out of poverty. Many times they cheat, lie, and exaggerate to increase their handouts. They work all the heart wrenching themes: children, old age, poor health, prejudice, corrupting politicians, fairness, disabilities, victimization, and of course, class warfare. Meanwhile the looter politicians and union leaders live as a privileged class writing the rules of redistribution in such a way that they and their cronies never get hurt.  In the end, the slackers get hurt the most."

Billy Roy would have slammed the table if he had a gavel, "Scott, you couldn't be more right. I just don't believe Americans are stupid enough though to fall for this failed Communist bullshit. Take gasoline prices. Obama as a candidate in 2008 said he understood the needs of American auto drivers. He said that Bush and Cheney's policies of allowing their corrupt oil company buddies to charge outrageous prices for gasoline kept 'regular people from finding jobs because they couldn't afford the price of gasoline to drive to their interviews'. The price of gasoline when Obama took office was $1.87 a gallon. Now his story has changed. With prices now just under $4.00 a gallon Obama's people say they are keeping over 1,000 people a month from dying of carbon emissions because people are driving less. As a bonus alternative fuel products are now more competitive because of rising fossil based fuel prices. High prices are now good for the little guy because it keeps him from choking to death on CO2 and making all fuels expensive like the green stuff.  And that guy who couldn't drive to his interview is staying home because there are no jobs.   WOW, Obama once again understands real people's needs."

"Today Obama's string puller,  Bill Daley, says he feels we are close to reforming both Corporate and Individual Tax Rates to reduce the deficit. Reform is a code word for taking more from producers to protect the slackers. Let's just hope the Republican House members will stand strong. Right now they are our only hope to return to good old fashioned American free enterprise wealth creation."

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