Thursday, August 18, 2011

Awe Heck, Algore and Barrack Are Going To Need A New Scam

The news is leaking out that that several months ago the Chicago Climate Exchange closed its doors after receiving no orders to trade carbon credits for a full 10 months.  To jog your memory this was a scam by people like Algore, Goldman Sachs, and of course, our beloved leader BHO who has lots of stock stashed away in a trust fund until he gets out of office.  The scam failed when the Cap and Trade Bill that would force companies and others like farmers and ranchers to buy credits to release carbon into the air (like we do when we breathe) failed.

Below I have reprinted this blog's July 19, 2010 posting about the Exchange and, on a local basis, how this Global Warming issue was playing out in Hubbard City at that time.  This posting has clearly been the most popular as measured by visitors who have visited this blog site.

Monday, July 19, 2010
Trading Cow Fart Credits (CFCs)?
Those of you who have been following this blog for some time know that downtown Hubbard City suffers from Global Warming every July and August. Those of the current Ruling Class who take their coffee at the Hubbard City Drugstore blame the warming on excessive gas expelled by cows who reside on land owned and operated by one Scott Riddle, local rancher and insurance barren and husband of Pat, who is an angel. Scott, his family, and many cows live west of downtown Hubbard.

Well, it seems the real estate market is somewhat slow in Hubbard, and a local unnamed realtor, Ram He-Mauel, is not letting this warming crisis go to waste. Seems this entrepreneur has set up an exchange where he will buy Cow Fart Credits (CFCs) from those who own land (and don't own cows) and sell them to Scott Riddle (who owns many, many farting cows). Legislation has been proposed to the Hubbard City Counsel that would require any rancher to have no more than one cow farting per every 20 acres. This legislation would allow the trading of Cow Fart Credits (CFCs) to balance farts across central Texas ranches. This legislation is entitled: CRAP AND TRADE. This writer will follow this pending legislation and hopes to interview most of the involved parties once the air clears. Stay tuned.Meanwhile, Once Happy Harry Reid is preparing to bring a Cap and Trade Bill to his crack governing body in Washington, D.C. This legislation would be patterned after Al Gore and friends plans to save the world from global warming while they also stimulate the capitalist system. Algore is an investor in the Chicago Climate Exchange along with other honorable people like Goldman Sachs. This exchange provides a trading floor for Carbon Credits (the exchange takes a fee around 4% for every trade).

Traders include organizations like The National Farmers Union who promotes tax payer scams like renewable energy sources such as ethanol, bio diesel and wind energy. National Farmers Union’s Carbon Credit Program is a multi-state program that allows farmers and landowners to earn income by storing carbon in their soil through "no-till" crop production and long term grass seeding practices. We know a lot of lazy farmers around Hubbard that would love the "no till" way of making money by just letting the carbon stay in the ground, huh? Farmers Union has earned approval from the Chicago Climate Exchange to aggregate carbon credits. Farmers Union is enrolling producer areas of carbon into blocks of credits that will be traded on the Exchange, much like other agricultural commodities are traded.

The National Farm Union surprisingly were big supporters of President Hussein in 2008. They graded each of the candidates based on their policies. Obama received a perfect 100% rating, based on his support of the 2008 Farm Bill and a renewable fuel standard. On the other hand, the organization gave John McCain a grade of zero percent, in part because he was in favor of reducing subsidies for ethanol and food products (can you imagine that?).

Folks, we are not making this up. The greatest scam ever is unfolding before our very eyes. Al Gore, Valerie Jarrett, Obama, the Green Movement, and the Chicago Machine are all financially invested in this ridiculous scheme. They have BILLIONS of YOUR DOLLARS in their gun sites.

This nation can not survive Socialized Health Care, the auto industry takeover by unions, government bailouts, deficit spending, and takeovers of Wall Street (with their Goldman Sachs accomplices), and now the proposed CRAP AND TRADE.

That's what I think, but then I could write a book about what I don't know,


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