Tuesday, August 16, 2011

BM and Old Duke At Their Best

OK, I will admit that I am a sucker for any song that includes a man's best friend, particularly with a name like Old Duke.  Particularly if Old Duke looks a lot like my old dog named Willie.  Include a young cowboy and a pick up truck and I go for my wallet.  Make it sorrowful with the pain of a good break up with a pretty girl, and I will recommend it to my friends.  Make the presentation from Old Duke's perspective, and I am beside myself going all in with my whole stack of chips.

And then, and then, have none other than Billy Roy Mitchum (really spelled Mitcham, I misspell it so he can't sue me for using his name) sing the song from Old Buck's perspective, and I am way over the top with shear delight.  As you know BM is the un-official Chairman of the Hubbard City Cafe and semi-local Country and Western star of some renown.  Insiders even know that BM bought my old motor scooter as a young boy when I moved up to my first car at the age of 14.

Just wait.  You are going to love this new video.  If you don't, I can't help you.  I challenge anyone to watch this just one time.  This video was filmed along Texas highway 31 in and around Hubbard City.  Watch closely and you will see Jim Ray Hammer's service station where I bought my first set of new tires for my solid red 1953 Mercury.  Jim Ray and son still run it and take care of Mom and Aunt Martha "real good".

Get out the kleenex and just go to You Tube using the link below.  Old Duke says "Look's Like We're Leaving Again".

My bet is at least 98% of you guys will forward this to friends.


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