Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cafe Joins With Obama On A Three Step Program To Save America

Whoa, strange things are happening at the Cafe. Both Butch and Billy Roy pulled up in the parking lot this week with huge 'Obama' bumper stickers. What??

What with Obama coming out Thursday in an NFL pregame show to save America (one more time) the folk's at the Cafe are pretty excited. Seems they are taking the President at his word that he is putting all politics aside and is going to,"just focus on getting America back to work while putting money into the pockets of American families."

Evidently Butch and Billy Roy are getting leaks from the White House because they were pre-empting their newly found favorite President with the major points of his address.

Butch says, "At last this President is living up to the expectations the American people have for him. This address Thursday will give, not only the nation, but the world more 'hope' than any action a President has ever taken. And the 'change' will be unprecedented."

"Right on Butch, and he is keeping it simple with just a plain three step program. We probably shouldn't be doing this but Butch and I are going to leak the key points just to the Cafe, and you guys will see why we are so excited. Hold on to your seats, and here we go!"

"Step One: Vice President Biden will resign his office immediately taking a job as a conductor on his favorite train in Delaware.

Step Two: President Obama will resign his office immediately joining Qaddafi in applying for membership in the Algerian Golf and Country Club.

Step Three: President Boehner will submit the following bills to Congress immediately

1. Repeal Obamacare.
2. Repeal Dodd/Frank Financial Regulations.
3. Freeze EPA from releasing new regulations.
4. Eliminate double taxation on American companies when they bring overseas profits back to the US.
5. Simplify and reform the tax system by lowering tax rates and expanding the tax base.
6. Eliminate Capital Gains taxes.
7. Pass a balanced budget amendment."

Mom had a question, "Why so much regulation stuff?"

"Because as we speak," BM loved this question, "the Federal Government is suing 17 major American Banks for making loans, while at the same time, criticizing them for not lending money.  The government forced these banks to make loans to their constituents who could not repay the mortagages on their homes.  They told the banks not to worry because Freddie and Fannie would buy the loans and make everything OK.  Now they are suing the banks for misrepresenting the quality of these loans to poor Freddie and Fannie who the govenment is bailing out with taxpayer money.  This is what happens when the government gets involved in what should be free markets.  Regulations lead to manipulation which leads to diaster."

And the coffee drinkers joined Butch and BM in praising the President with a big "AMEN".

Think about it and say your prayers,


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