Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cafe Wants To Clean House At The University of Texas

Since the University of Texas is the state university being a land grant school and all, and since many folks at the Hubbard City Cafe are big time football fans to say the least, and therefore since these two powerful forces come together every fall, you might say there is some excessive hooking of horns about this time of year.  Some of the Cafe loyal ain't happy!!

"Seems like UT has gotten a little too big for their britches.  Prior to the arrival of Mack Brown, the UT elite seemed to cut ties to alumni and fans.  Everything was about the big bucks and a handful of contributors that ran everything.  Long time faithful season ticket holders were forced out because they wouldn't make large contributions to go along with high ticket prices.  Meanwhile UT lost it's status as a national power.  When Brown arrived he was somewhat smart in bringing Darrel Royal back into the fold and catering to alumni and Texas high school football coaches around the state.  This was a great move and resulted in phenomenal recruiting which made up for really bad coaching from Brown, Gregg Davis, and crew," Butch opened the discussion with a history lesson and some editorial comments as well.  "Great players like Rickie Williams, Vince Young, and a skinny kid named Applewhite made up for a lack of creativity and softness in coaching.  UCLA players said Texas players 'look like Tarzan, play like Jane'.  Those who were kind said the Mack Brown scheme was built on execution.  This meant Mack did great as long as his players were twice as good as your well coached players."

"Right on Butch.  And most recently the arrogance of the Texas elite has returned big time.  With UT stinking it up last year with only 5 victories and 2 at home due to horrible coaching from Mack Brown's pals the arrogance ran amuck.  Brown got mad at fans, press, and everyone else who criticized him.  He locked the press and fans out of practices and sulked like a baby when he was forced to fire his buddy Gregg Davis and other coaches.  Brown is fortunate that Texas is what Texas is producing the best high school football players in the USA and the greatest loyalty to their state and universities, not to mention that UT is rolling in money.  Because Texas is what Texas is Brown was able to attract a great defensive coach and an even better offensive coordinator from Boise State.  This past Saturday night was the first time in years where I felt UT 'outcoached' their opponent, that being Rice."

"So is Texas elite arrogance under control.  Not even close.  They have destroyed the Big Twelve Conference in a way that most Texans would be ashamed of if they knew the facts.  Sheer greed and arrogance have created a Longhorn Network among other things that has already driven Colorado and Nebraska out of the conference with Texas A&M in the process of leaving.  Oklahoma, Missouri, and Oklahoma State will make moves in the next few weeks."

"Why?  No body likes a bully.  It is best summed up by Oklahoma State mega-booster T. Boone Pickens, 'DeLoss Dodds (UT Athletic Director) had too may cards, and he played every damn one of them.  You get tired of saying aahh while you get something shoved down your throat.'  T. Boone thinks the Oklahoma schools will wind up in the Pac 12 with Colorado.  And as is always the case with the elite and arrogant, they are also incompetent.  Saturday night the much publicized Longhorn Network that is causing much of the trouble was not able to televise the Rice/UT game to most of the nation including Austin, Texas.  As happens when folks get too big for their britches, shit happens.  And it is happening at forth acres.  DeLoss Dodds is a very small man compared to the people he is ignoring.  People like conference partners, honest sports writers, season ticket holders, taxpayers, intelligent kids who would love to attend their state university, and loyal sports fans.  Nope, DeLoss, Mack, and crew are pretty small and getting smaller every day that they keep their heads where the sun don't shine."

Aunt Martha, local librarian and columnist of much local renown, introduced the little discussed topic of academics, "How about arrogance in admissions.  Our state land grant school is not open to most Texas kids while admitting non-citizens from all over the world.  Their professors rarely teach and bask in their academic standings instead of educating and preparing TEXAS KIDS.  It is the same elite arrogant attitude that rules athletics.  Mack seems to spend a good part of his time just trying to get his 'student atheletes' out of jail."

BM summed up, "Rarely do I call for government interference, but in this case I think Texas legislators need to get off their asses and represent the taxpayers and sports fans of the great State of Texas and clear some elite and arrogant asses  out of 40 acres.  I would start with Dodds and Brown and the University President and the Board of Regents.  Next they should unload tons of professors who are not shouldering their teaching load.  Give our University back to the folks."

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