Thursday, September 22, 2011

Scary: What Happens When A Clinical Narcissist Starts Coming Apart?

The Mayo Clinic provides this definition: Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration. Those with narcissistic personality disorder believe that they're superior to others and have little regard for other people's feelings. But behind this mask of ultra-confidence lies a fragile self-esteem, vulnerable to the slightest criticism. Narcissism limits the patient's ability to function in other areas of their life, such as work or school (why can't we see Obama's college transcripts?)
When our Narcissist and Chief was at the top he was all about hope, change, and bringing us all together (being a joiner not divider). Hope for a better and fairer tomorrow. Change by spreading the country's wealth around to those less fortunate. Bringing us together by simply putting a youthful, articulate, first black President of the greatest nation in the world in front of two teleprompters reading cool meaningless words about what I, I, I, and I will do. To many the narcissist made everyone feel better as a nation, and for some, rid us of our guilt for being successful (hello Buffett and Gates). Gosh, a great nation becoming even better. Put what appears to be a nice family with two darling daughters in behind the speaker's stand and now the emotional response is even stronger. Take his radical wife and give her a shovel to plant a garden, and even though she is big time Chicago activist attorney, she is just one of the folks who cares only about the nutrition of kids.

Almost three years later the HOPE has been replaced by a large majority of Americans feeling the narcissist is taking the country in the wrong direction toward socialism and bankrupcy. The CHANGE resulted in attacking the capitalistic system of liberty and free enterprise with choking regulations, government mandates, high taxes, crony-capitalism, corruption, insane governmental spending, total incompetence, and a massively demonic plan to redistribute wealth from non-Obama voters to Obama voters. And it is my bet that weeds have taken over the First Ladies' garden big time.

Bringing us together seems to be working if the "us" doesn't include honest business people, Christians, Jews, people who believe in the family unit, people who want to protect unborn children, people who want to treat all races as equals, non-union working folks, people in red states, districts that didn't vote for Obama in 2008, anti-socialists, libertarians, non-government working folks, small government advocates, believers in balanced budgets, people who believe in a strong national defense and want the military to be run by military people not gay rights groups, citizens who believe they live in the greatest nation in the world, and people who just don't believe the narcissistic President is the Messiah. Sum these folks up and you find a fairly big majority are just not being brought together with Barack Hussein Obama. And, even the narcissist, is beginning to understand that, even he the anointed one, may have a blemish or two.

This is really scary, not just for Americans, but for the world. What happens to a clinical narcissist, and leader of the free world, when he realizes he doesn't have magical powers and his poop really does stink??? My guess is really scary stuff happens.

Like what?

1. He has really tuned up his CLASS WARFARE to ingratiate himself to those few who are still believers. They need more raw meat and he is tossing it out. Also, the narcissist loves the reaction of these orchestrated small group meetings when he spews his hatred of the "lucky rich" who just also happen to be job and wealth creators. The narcissist will become meaner and more absurd as he loses his teleprompter discipline, follows his instincts more, and becomes even more isolated from the real world.

2. HIS ADMINISTRATION WILL COLLAPSE. As the narcissist turns to his re-election handlers he turns away from those in his administration who are attempting to run the government. He much prefers doing a photo op with a friendly audience in an orchestrated environment then meet with his staff that bring him problems (little things like the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Arab uprisings as they move to more extreme Islamic regimes, rising unemployment rates, problems in implementing the atrocious Obamacare provisions (which he really doesn't understand), and a failing economy. The narcissist much prefers historic celebrations of how he single handedly welcomed gays in the military. These actions will only create more incompetence in his administration along with infighting and resignations in his staff and cabinet. More and more cabinets and agencies will be run by radical socialists hell bent on the overthrow of our form of government (called reform).  THIS IS PARTICULARLY SCARY WITH THE THREAT OF RADICAL ISLAMIC JIHADISM GAINING STRENGTH BY WAY OF OBAMA'S BELOVED "ARAB SPRING".

3. As the narcissist base dwindles he will RETREAT DEEPER INTO SOCIALISM. Fifteen months before the election analysts are astounded that he is not generating false impressions that he is a centrist like Bill Clinton did. Obama can't run to the middle because he can't take the criticism from his radical worshipers that a centrist campaign would bring. He will only become more extreme to try to attract the welfare, racist, gay, union, and socialist audiences. The narcissist loves adoring audiences even more than votes and even if they are hand picked by handlers.

The only way Obama moves to the middle IN RHETORIC is if the Clinton's take over Obama's campaign. My guess is they will try. For example, what if Hillary bumped Biden after making a deal that she would run the campaign and government while writing Obama's teleprompter scripts? It is my strong belief that a Hillary run administration could do even more damage than Obama because she would deceive even more of the American people.

4. The narcissist will resort to the SLEAZIEST, DIRTIEST, MOST CORRUPTED, AND UNTRUTHFUL CAMPAIGN in political history once the Republicans select a candidate. Two strong forces will come together. One is his DESPERATE need to gain approval as stated earlier combined with no respect what so ever for the Constitution or American principles of government. The second is he will resort to the election techniques of his CHICAGO MOB, RADICAL RACIST GROUPS, and UNION THUGS as evidenced by the current insane attack on the Tea Party. How do you demonize them as racists, terrorists, SOBs, and barbarians at the gate when they are only for a smaller government and have no goals other than returning the US to responsible economics? This country will clearly return to protests and violence in the streets as it becomes clear that the anointed one will be thrown from office. Of course these protest, many of which are already planned, will be blamed on the Republicans. The message will be clear. "We will take to the streets and stay there if you do not re-elect the messiah". Take recent events in Wisconsin and multiply by at least 10 going forward. In typical marxist fashion that will blame all of their problems on the rich and succcessful.

So there you have it. Obama, the clinical narcissist, will become even more extreme in his rants, more of a thug and more dependent on mobs, even more incompetent as the leader of the free world with even fewer adult advisors, and will operate further and further to the left of the political spectrum. Or, even more threatening, the Clinton's will take over "Hillary Style", that being more radical than Bill but just as sleazy (she also is featured in a book about her clinical narcisstic disorder).

There is one thing for certain folks, this is going to get really UGLY, and Obama will lose any connection to moral and ethical sanity going forward. Maybe the folks will think twice (or maybe even three times) before putting a clinically narcissistic socialist in the White House again.

Think about it,


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