Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why 40% Of The People Still Like Obama?

"Who the hell are the 40% of the American people that  like the policies, actions, and results of Barrack Hussein Obama?" was the question posed by Butch Jackson.  Folks at the Cafe were somewhat shocked because Butch doesn't ask many questions.  He is more likely apt to make pronouncements and things like that.

He continued, "They like that Obama is such a job killer that 1 of 5 people are unemployed or underemployed."

"They like that Obama's economy is not growing and may go back into recession."

"They like that when Obama does something and it fails badly, he explains that he just didn't do enough of it.  It is like in the old days when they bled sick people and when the patient got worse, the prognosis was they didn't bleed them enough."

"They like that when Obama spends money, that we don't have, he does it NOW.  When he raises taxes, he does it NOW.  When he cuts government spending, he does it over TEN YEARS (like never!)."

"They like that Obama's proposed budget which didn’t get one vote in the Senate increased our national debt more than all previous President’s combined, and his tax and spend policies are bankrupting our children before they even get started in life."

"They like that Obama would throw away $500 million of tax payer money just to get photo opportunities for himself and Biden as supporters of Green Energy at a company named Solyndra financed by sleazy Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist who used their government connections to bail them out of a stupid investment driven by Algore’s Global Warming SCAM."

"They like paying almost $4 per gallon of gasoline as Obama is doing everything possible to destroy US sources of energy (oil, coal, nuclear) making us more dependent on the Middle East while stuffing money in the pockets of Man Caused Global Warming Scammers in the name of Green Energy.  They like forcing unemployed welfare families to pay more for their inflated groceries associated with rising energy costs."

"They like that Obama is way more supportive of people who are trying to kill Americans around the world like Ahmadinejad in Iran than Netanyahu in Israel, our only ally and the only real democracy in the Middle East.  Ahmadinejad who poses a greater threat then Adolph Hitler once he gets nuclear weapons.  Ahmadinejad who is so popular in some elite circles that he has a planned luncheon with students at Columbia University in the near future.  This thug should come to the Hubbard City Cafe if the wants to see what real Americans are like.  We would have him for lunch!"

"They like how Obama has thrown other supporters of America under the bus at every turn as evidenced by his support of the thugs in Egypt who overthrew the only government in the Middle East with a peace treaty with Israel. The same thugs that just attacked the Jewish Embassy and ran the diplomats out of their country. Obama praised the ‘Arab Spring’ as people seeking democracy. The truth is the ‘Arab Spring’ is corrupted by Radical Islamic Jihadists who want to slit our throats.  Radical Islamic Jihadists, Obama can't even say the words much less defend us against such."

"They like that Obama's supporters call Tea Party people SOBs, barbarians at the gate, racists, and say they can go to hell.  Why?  Because Tea Partiers want smaller government, lower taxes, and a reduction in our national debt.  What sane American wouldn't be a Tea Partier?"

"And what really croaks me is to hear wimps say, 'I like Obama.  He is a bright, articulate, and nice person.  I just don't like his policies.'  What crap?  People want to be politically correct because he is our first black President.  The truth is no matter what color he is this is not a likable person. He is more deceitful than Clinton. More of a socialist then LBJ, Carter, or Roosevelt. More of a clinical narcissist than Putin. More dangerous than Adolph Hitler because he has infiltrated the one nation in the world that stands for freedom. More racist than Waters, Jackson, Rangel, and Sharpton. More divisive to our country than Ayres, the Chicago Seven, and the Black Panthers combined. More incompetent as a defender of our security, our economy, or our constitution than a college graduate in their first year out in the real world. More void of leadership skills  then the lowest ranking foot soldier in a second rate fire ant bed. More lazy than a bird dog in the middle of July what with him spending most of his time on the golf course or in front of a TV watching ‘hoops’."

"So who likes this guy and why?"

And of course Billy Roy Mitchum answered:

"First, people who want the government to take away other people’s money and give it to them in the name of fairness and bad luck. These folks think Obama is Robin Hood."

"Next, come people who want to be part of the Ruling Elite because they want CONTROL for their own personal gain and because they ‘know best’ that you just can’t trust ordinary people and particularly free enterprise.  Even though they believe you can't trust the American people, the elitist believe you can trick them."

"And there are still some of those really bright people whose ancestors were Democrats, and therefore they will always be Democrats."

"There are weird people who worship some social issue like aborting babies, hating religion, or wanting to live a life style outside the traditional family without guilt (gays, polygamists, child pornographers, etc.).  They love to trade their votes for Obama's support of their perversions."

"And then of course you have some people who prostitute themselves to organizations (like unions) who they falsely think will get them special privileges and security.  And of course any special privileges would come at the expense of others.  Unions have always been the foundations of Communism and the enemy of individual liberty."

My thanks to Butch and BM for another timely topic as Obama's numbers shrink below the 40% mark and the CARING number surges past 60%.

Think about it and keep the momentum going,


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