Friday, September 16, 2011

Doing Much, Much More Of What Isn't Working To Save Obama's Job!

Scott Riddle who is accused by the liberals at the Hubbard City Drug Store of causing Global Warming in downtown Hubbard City because of excessive gas expulsion by his now thirsty cows is following these Green events pretty closely for obvious reasons, "For those of you who think Obama made one little $500 million mistake on his photo opportunity, it ain't just Solyndra! At least four other companies have received stimulus funding only to later file for bankruptcy, and two of those were working on alternative energy (that would be Green Wind and Sun for those of you from Mr. Calm).  And to top it off, the Obamas have to spend $10 Billion by the end of the month or their stimulation legislation runs out."

"Evergreen Solar Inc. (don't you just love these names), received $5.3 million through a state grant to open a $450 million facility that employed roughly 800 people. The company, once a rock star in the solar industry (guess that means it was loud sounded good), filed for bankruptcy protection last month, saying it couldn't compete with (those pesky little) Chinese rivals without reorganizing. The company intends to focus on building up its manufacturing facility in China (more of those Obama jobs that just don't seem to put Americans to work)."

"SpectraWatt, based in Hopewell Junction, N.Y., is also a solar cell company that was spun out of Intel in 2008. In June 2009, SpectraWatt received a $500,000 grant from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory as part of the stimulus package. SpectraWatt was one of 13 companies to receive the money to help develop ways to improve solar cells without changing current manufacturing processes.  The company filed for bankruptcy last month, saying it could not compete with its Chinese competitors, which receive 'considerable government and financial support'."

"On Tuesday, Obama's Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman wrote an editorial in USA Today' in which he blamed China for the failure of U.S. solar energy manufacturers to compete (surprise, surprise it wasn't Obama's fault)."

"'Winning will require substantial investments. Last year, for example, the China Development Bank offered more than $30 billion in financing to Chinese solar manufacturers, about 20 times more than U.S.-backed loans to solar manufacturers,' Poneman wrote. So again when one of Obama's plans don't work the next step is to just do more and more of it (pass this bill now!)."

"So what is wrong with this wonderful Green Solar Market that will soon make us energy independent? Several things. First there is a softening of demand as buyers find out the cost versus benefits makes no  sense with the state of today's solar technology. This is happening as production has increased as all of the government sponsored companies come up to speed in both China and the US. Nothing like producing more as demand decreases (we now call these things bubbles). This softening of demand and increased production has resulted in a 42% plummeting of solar pricing (oops, sales are down, production up, and no profit margins). Put these factors together and you have the typical mess that happens when government tries to create markets (remember the collapse of the Soviet Union and all other Communist economies?). And of course, the Obama energy people will say the problem is we are just not pumping enough taxpayer money in to this loser to compete with the Chinese. Seems like we are afraid if the Chinese get there first they will use up all of the sun's rays before we can get there."

"It is not just the Green Crap that's a mess. Remember when Obama joked that shovel ready jobs from Stimulation #1 weren't so shovel ready. Now he says we just need to do more, more, and more. He says we have over 200 bridges that are not structurally adequate. He says we should fix them before they collapse. What he doesn't say is that many of these bridges are funded and planned but are held up by environmental issues brought on by his own regulatory bureaucracy. Rush Limbaugh says it is Obama's responsibility to publish the list of unsafe bridges so that drivers can avoid them. Makes sense doesn't it, but guess what? Obama could no more produce a list of unsafe bridges, and he will never tell us what is holding up construction. He just wants to pass his $500 billion Stimulation #2 vote buying scam or to not pass it so he can blame the Tea Party if a bridge collapses."

"Obama is just such a sleaze bag. He calls a press conference and stands teachers, cops, and fireman up behind him as backdrops for his American Jobs Bill promising to help the kids with more teachers while putting more desperately needed cops and fireman on duty. Anyone that knows how government works knows that the Federal Government does not provide teachers, cops, nor fireman. These all fall under the control of local government with local tax policies. Most local entities can not run deficits like Obama can. They must balance their budgets, and they have made intelligent trade off choices in most cases (excluding California of course). Local governments are laying off school administrative overhead while renegotiating crazy retirement plans for local cops and firemen. Obama wants to corrupt the process by taking taxpayer money that he doesn't have and giving it to local governments to hire people they can not afford, and in most cases, don't need. This scam is all about trying to con voters into believing Obama is coming to their rescue as he tries to buy votes. What crap!

"Look, this is real simple.  To believe in the President's latest plan you would have to believe 4 things:
1.  The first stimulation worked,
2.  Job creators are not taxed enough,
3.  Job creators are not regulated enough,
4.  And the government isn't spending enough of your kid's money that we don't have."

"To believe in the Republican plan you need to believe 2 things:
1.  Job creators need to know what their taxes, regulations, and health care mandates will be over their planning cycle.
2.  Job creators need to know the government will not pick winners and losers, and that markets will be left alone and  allowed to operate without political intervention (the auto, financial, medical, and energy industries are being destroyed  by the Obamas as we speak)."

"If Obama isn't insulting your intelligence on a daily basis you are either under the age of three or completely senile."

Scott's given we who are still between three and senile something to think,


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