Monday, February 6, 2012

Smoke Is Coming From Obama's Kitchen As He Cooks Unemployment Numbs

Seems like many folks (Gingrich, Rush, even Good Morning America) are communicating how Obama is cooking the books on unemployment rates as his Labor Department reported this week unemployment “continued to improve from 8.5% to 8.3%”. As we have blogged they are dropping people from the work force and the unemployed rolls to get the desired unemployment rate.

If Obama was using the Bush Administration's participation rate of 65.7 (percentage of population in the work force) instead of this months 63.7% the national unemployment rate would be 9.7% instead of the reported 8.3%. Obama went from a participation rate this month of 64% to 63.7%. Why? Because at 64%, his unemployment number would have gone from 8.5% to 8.55%. By reducing it with no rhyme or reason to 63.7% he got his desired improvement to 8.3% and a bounce in the polls.

Unless there is a public outcry Obama can falsify the unemployment number to be anything he wishes to support his deceit of the electorate and his re-election.

If you factor in part time workers who can’t find full time jobs the true 9.7 rate goes to around 16-17%.

I hate to keep bugging you guys on this but it is important. Rasmussen shows the spread of voters who strongly disapprove of Obama has gone from 18% to 10% in the last few weeks. This is more than likely based on claims that the economy is improving and headed in the right direction.

Rasmussen also states the Congressional Budget Office is dramatically misleading the public regarding our deficits.  Current estimates are that in 2012 we will ONLY increase our deficit by $1.1 Trillion.  The CBO does not include the annual doctor fix (making up for underpayments in Medicare) of $300 Billion nor do they include any extension of the Bush Tax Cuts which is another $600 Billion or so starting in 2013.

The last little oversight of the CBO is it never includes entitlement commitments (Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security).  These little pesky items will add another $3 Trillion to the Federal Government's debt in 2012 for a whopping total of over $4 Trillion.

To be fair this deceit is not only Obama's.  It has been perpetrated on taxpayers and citizens for a long, long time.  Our national true deficit is closer to $150 Trillion than the published $15 Trillion according to Rasmussen.

When you think about it "REAL HOPE AND CHANGE"  in Washington is a must.  With Obama it is not what he says but what he does.

Vote the crooks out starting with Barry,


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  1. Received this comment from a friend: Yes, and he gets by with it. The "workers" who are no longer seeking jobs are excluded, and the bump that still exists for the Christmas temporary workers, plus the participation mentioned in this email. The other drum beat that is working: the W. Post and the MSM are really blasting Mormonism, at first in a subtle way, and now it's all out. They even dug up a 2nd cousin with a last name of Romney who blasted the Mormon faith and he's writing columns about it. Interesting, that Reid is always left out of the Mormon attacks, or even that it is his faith. Silence! I think that it's time that Romney asked the press how come the Democrat Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid is never mentioned and do they think that Reid has influenced legislation because of his faith. Republicans have to learn to street fight against the Democrats, especially when you look at the type of constituency that O has, ready and willing, AND able to act like the thugs that many of them are.

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