Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Plea From Netanyahu's Former Chief of Staff To The Hubbard City Cafe

The Hubbard City Cafe recently received the following message and video from Dick Morris.  Billy Roy and the cafe crew encourage you to view the video and pass it along to your contacts.  While Obama will make every effort to "cook the economic books" to show "improvement", his handling of foreign affairs alone will surely be enough to turn voters against him.  Obama is dedicated to weakening the U.S. and our allies in favor of any nation that challenges our leadership.  Obama considers historically strong nations, such as ours, as evil colonial empires.  His mission in life is to destroy us.  This election will be determined by our ability to inform the electorate which will be no easy task.  Here is Morris' email:

Dear Friends,
Over the weekend, I got an e-mail from my friend Naftali Bennett who served as Netanyahu’s Chief of Staff. It is a chilling warning about Iranian nuclear ambitions and a plea for action by Americans to save Israel from Iran and from the Obama Administration’s neglect.

He has given me permission to share his e-mail below with you:

Take his warning to heart!


This is Naftali Bennett’s email to Eileen and I:

Dear Eileen & Dick,

I hope all is well with you two. As you may recall, I served as Netanyahu’s Chief of Staff a few years back — — I love reading your daily columns and watching the great vids!

I’m writing to you because Israelis are more concerned now than ever about Iran’s race to acquire a nuclear bomb, and Obama’s lack of resolve in stopping it from happening. It’s become clear that America won’t stop Iran, but the real concern is that Obama is doing everything to prevent Israel from protecting itself.

Last week’s NYT editorial represents Obama’s thinking, and I know our government is in a very tough spot. So, what am I asking of you: please help step up the pressure on President Obama in any way possible. We’re nearing the last moment.

Israel’s request is simple: if President Obama isn’t going to stop Iran, he must let Israel do the job!

I’ve made a short video that makes this very case:

It’s something I know Netanyahu would like to say, but he can’t for obvious reasons. I, however, am free to speak up. It’s not filmed in high quality etc. I just got in front of a home camera and did it (I guess I learned it from you…). If you’d like, I could get into a studio and do it better. Otherwise, you can use it as-is. It hasn’t been distributed (not searchable on YouTube). Let me know if you’d like to make use of it.

Thanks in advance.

Naftali Bennett

Click on the link below to view the video:

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  1. This is no hoax. Here's the video:

    Please do everything in your power to distribute it. It's vital for Israel's future.

    Thanks so much.