Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Are the Mexican Cartels Afraid of the First Gay President?

As the free world follows the insane debate over our Skinny President's waffling views on some fabricated thing called gay marriage the Cafe in the City of Hubbard isn't buying in. Butch set the stage as usual, "Debating whether marriage should only be between one man and one woman is as sane as debating whether only women should give birth. Or if it is fair for only men to be able to impregnate a wife. Have we completely lost our minds? Marriage between one man and one woman is a natural and God given law.  Birds fly!  Fish swim under water!  Male dogs mark their territories!  Female dogs have puppies!  One man marries one woman and they form a family!   Period!  Debate over.  Move on!  Hell, I would rather Romney cut my hair off if it was too long, then have to marry Obama!"

Billy Roy piled on, "The same sex marriage debate is perfect for Obama because it is such a ridiculous concept the Liar-In-Chief can make it up as he goes. In 1996 when Obama ran for the Illinois State Senate he filled out a form for a Gay Newspaper questionnaire for candidates and said 'I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages'. In 2004 when he ran for the Senate he said, 'I am not a supporter of gay marriage as it has been thrown out. I think that marriage as in the minds of voters is a religious issue'."

"Then in 2008 when he ran for President, 'I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I am not in favor of gay marriage'. He said same-sex marriage was against his religion and something that should be in the hands of churches rather than government. By October 2010 as President he acknowledged, 'I have been against same-sex marriage because of my understanding of traditional definitions. But I also think that attitudes evolve, including mine'. Then last week he said, 'I've just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to be married'.  Wow!  Well I've been evolving on big, fat guys being able to jump like bull frogs but it just hasn't happened for this cowboy yet."

"Same sex marriage is just like Obama. It is phony in its very nature. Obama thinks that if he just says something, it is then true. Saying two people of the same sex can be married just doesn't make it true. Marriage is a sacred union between only one man and only one woman with the intent of creating children and providing care for a natural family. My barn swallows even understand that. My barn swallows have not been able to 'evolve' because it takes God to make 'natural' changes not some bozo like what Time magazine calls the first gay president. Remember when they called Clinton the first black president. You know 'saying it' didn't make that true either. Clinton is still white except for that huge nose of his which seems to always glow like a big red neon sign.  The awful truth is Obama doesn't care one bit about any kind of marriage, he just cares about downsizing the mean old USA, and destroying the concept of the family is the foundation of this great country."

"And while this stupid crap is going on there is a little item in the paper about 47 bodies found in Mexico on a popular route from Central America to Texas with their arms, hands, feet, and heads amputated. The bodies are unidentified and believed to be kidnapped citizens. And get this, IT IS THE FOURTH MASSACRE THIS MONTH. The UN backed by US air power overthrew the Libyan leader, Qaddafi, and slaughtered his military for far less than this. The fact that our political leaders allow open borders with millions of illegal immigrants including drug smugglers and terrorists pouring over our borders breeding the lawlessness that results in these massacres is criminal. Every American citizen should be totally ashamed. My guess is this problem would not be ranked in the top five issues the American voter cares about.  Just where is out shame?"

"What is the Liberal solution? COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM, which is a code name for providing amnesty to illegals which would give the Dem's a voting majority that would destroy the country as we know it.  All Libs care about is power."

Mom had a question, "I get that you would do more with this Mexican problem. Like what?"

"Hell, Maxine, I not only would put troops and drones on the border to close it down to drugs, terrorists, and illegals, but I would pursue them into Mexico if that is what it took to shut down the massacres and illegal drug trade. I just read that 70% of the Mexican population would welcome American assistance in combating the drug cartels. How can the rest of the world respect us if we allow this rotten situation just to the south of us?  We should tell the Mexican officials that either they clean the mess up or we will.  I would be patient though and give them a good week for their answer."

Well as they say, Billy Roy has a different way of looking at things then a lot of people.  Is Mexico on your worry screen?

Think about it,


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