Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Founder's Plan for America Really Does Need "Progressive Change"

The founders drafted many "protective" provisions in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  None of the provisions were more important than those protecting INDIVIDUALS from MAJORITY RULE.  Their greatest fears in breaking away from European style monarchies were the threats posed to individual liberties from majority rule.

The founders knew these protections would be needed in a Democracy so basically they created a Republic instead.   A good bit of their foundation for government was in expressly protecting the rights of individuals to own property, for religious worship, against unreasonable searches, etc.  In addition they established safeguards such as states rights, requirements of 2/3s majorities, and divided powers among the three branches of government as other examples of their fear of big overreaching government.  What they didn't anticipate was that this nation would not only open their borders to illegal immigration but would elect an administration who would refuse to enforce the laws while violating their oaths to protect the Constitution.

So where are we?  We have just completed a census with more than frightening demographics.  A census in which more than half of children less than one year of age are minorities.  In Texas alone, more than 7 out of 10 children under age 1 are minorities.  In California it is 75%.  In Austin, Texas 48% of children under 5 years of age are Hispanic and only 39% are White.  There is no question that this trend will change the very nature of our country and culture as we have known it. 

And yet today, we have two branches of the government, Executive and US Senate, pushing for an amnesty program called "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" to create a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, most of which are Hispanic.  Clearly this legislation would only accelerate the trend to put the White majority into a minority position.

These demographic shifts place a huge burden on our weakened economy with more people suckling at the breast of the tax payer than any founder ever conceived.  Jobs at the lower end of the employment ladder, where the welfare recipients should be employed, are going to illegals instead.  We are creating a temporary society where poorer American Citizens don't have to take jobs that they are qualified to do because they can choose to take government entitlements instead.  A recently unemployed young male welfare recipient said, "He wasn't looking for a job, he was looking for a career".  His appearance and poor English were that of an uneducated person like most of the others in this particular, and long, welfare line.  Next door, the Employment line where those could find jobs, was unattended.  Many of those interviewed said they were there to get their "Obama Juice", that being money, food stamps, and other hand outs.

The more our uneducated underclass are given incentives to not work nor become educated, the more we use illegals to fill the gap, the more we put burdens on our bankrupted welfare state, the more we destroy the basic fabric of our nation.

Earlier the society was defined as temporary.  That is because the trend cannot last for long.  Why?  Because the momma pig being suckled will run out of MONEY.  That will happen when others refuse to loan her money to fund our over suckling.  She will go dry, and probably within 5-10 years if we continue down this same path.  More than likely the society will then turn to some lying impostor who claims he or she will provide something like HOPE AND CHANGE.  He or she will take dictatorial powers resembling a third world South American country (Cubans are still driving 55 Chevys, but they need a lot of work). 

Obama and those of like minds will have achieved their goal of DOWNSIZING THE USA FROM ITS FORMER POSITION AS A COLONIAL POWER.  Unlike Obama, the founders, who came here to escape colonialism, would have called their creation the DEMOCRATIC LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD AND MOST SUCCESSFUL SOCIAL EXPERIMENT IN HISTORY.

What is most sad about such a scenario is those who will suffer the most, as always, will be the poor and middle class who bought into the age old socialist propaganda that their problems are the result of capitalism, liberty, and free markets.

But there is an alternative. 

1.  Vote Obama and the Democratic Congress out in November.  Throw out Career Republican Rhinos. 
2.  Get the economy moving (we know exactly how to do that and have done it many times before in recovering from a recession:  see Ronald Reagan). 
3.  Close the borders and reform Immigration Laws.
4.  Shut down welfare programs and safety nets that do not make able bodied citizens work. 
5.  Insure that all laws encourage and support families instead of disadvantaging families. 
6.  Retain our world military leadership with the intent to protect and encourage free markets and liberty.  Call out those who enslave their citizens (again:  see Ronald Reagan and his Evil Empire strategy)  
7.  And lastly, explore Constitutional Amendments to strengthen Life, Liberty, Property, and Freedom of Religion rights.  "Progressive" change should strengthen the founder's vision of the American dream in the modern world, not destroy their intent.  Examine voting rights.  Some options might require property owenership or tax payments.  Today, we debate whether we can ask for an ID?

The alternative will not be easy.  It will take commitment, dedication, and hard work.  But mostly, it will take LEADERSHIP.  God will surely provide it, but we must make the request.  Say your prayers tonight.

Think about it,


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