Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Incompetents Latest Move To Get The Moron Vote

The Obama Incompetents have evolved their story (now called narrative by the elites) about Benghazi.  Why?  They are afraid even moronic voters are fleeing this sinking ship as more and more stories of incompetence and cover up come out each day.  Moronic voters, in my definition, are those who have  a mental age of from 7 to 12 years when it comes to political knowledge.  Mental ages in the teens and higher will vote against Obama.

Here is the latest.  To understand their strategy try to dumb down to the moron level so you can relate to their latest ploy.  The Secretary of State, Hillary (stand by your man) Clinton, tells CNN the following:
1.  The Benghazi situation is my organizational responsibility (not my fault, though).
2.  My consulate organizations number over 240 (it is impossible for anyone to keep up with this amount of detail).
3.  The President and Vice President  were not informed of the security details of these 240 consulates (the buck doesn't stop there, either).
4.  We have "career professionals" who are really responsible for security for our consulates (Note that these are not political appointees like me, the Secretary of State.  These little people are honest and real buck stoppers.).
5.  My greatest hope is that no one uses this tragic event to attempt to gain some political advantage (that would be you, Mitt Romney, if you bring it up in tomorrow night's debate you are shameless).
6.  I would now hope we can all focus on investigating this incident to take revenge against the attackers and learn so that this is not repeated (and hopefully this stays quiet until after the election)
7.  And then of course, this is backed up by Obama saying during he debate he is responsible for everything (which is nothing), and that he called Benghazi a terrorist attack in the rose garden the day after the attack (a whopper).

Morons of the political world, and particularly of the electorate, eat this up.  This same ploy worked when the little girl in the blue dress blew the whistle on Hillary's husband.  In other words, this is a tried and true approach that works with the press and with morons.

Let's break this down.  Does the buck stop with the President when it comes to protecting those who serve our nation in dangerous federal assignments?  Of the 240 consulates facing 911 which were in the most danger?  Was Libya, which had reported hundreds of incidents (including blowing a huge hole in the fence surrounding the consulate), on the most dangerous list?  Was this the type of topic discussed in White House Security Briefings?  If not, why not?  Was it discussed with the Secretary of State?

The attack was reported in real time as it happened.  Who was notified and when?  If the security people misled the administration initially, when did they correct their assessment?  How did administration spokes people, including Obama, have it wrong for almost two weeks?  When asked by the View women, "Was this a terrorist attack, why did the President say we don't know yet?"  Why were administration spokes people political appointees (Clinton, Rice, Axelrod, etc.) instead of career intel professionals?

The truth is once the administration screwed up by not responding to warnings for more security Obama's campaign advisers took over.  They created their story, hoped to launch a long investigation, and put the issue to bed until after the election.  They thought it would work if the press would just co-operate.  And it would have if it hadn't been for those pesky little debates with 60.000.000 viewers hearing about Benghazi first hand.

Again, if the administration is this incompetent, fire them.  If they are covering up, fire them.  If both are true (which is the case), fire them all.

Today, Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod are running the country, period.  They have only one goal to re-elect Obama so he can finish his task of ruining (reforming) this country.

Today the campaign had four administration officials, speaking off the record of course, inform the press of Obama's aggressive plans to find and kill those responsible for Benghazi.  Every pharmaceutical factory in Libya is on alert.  Why?  Remember when Bill Clinton bombed such after the embassy bombing in Nairobi?  It was a way to change the subject, and say, hey, we did something.  What top security team would alert the terrorist in newspapers that we are coming?

Folks, this is a very sad affair.  Four great Americans are dead.  Obama got the briefing and went to Las Vegas to campaign.  Axelrod and Jarrett covered him.  Hillary stood by her new man yesterday.  Patreaus and other intel people are accomplices by their silence.  The debate narrator came to Obama's aid tonight.  Mitt Romney let Obama off the hook in the town hall debate. Sandra Crawley, the narrator, helped. However, Monday night is the foreign affairs debate. My guess is Romney will make it about Benghazi exposing the facts, lies, and cover up. He will show it is symptomatic of Obama's failing policies.

Obama's last resort in campaigning is all aimed at the morons needed to keep the elite in power.

It won't work.  When you are this incompetent and deceitful even the morons listen to Clint Eastwood, WHEN YOU DON'T DO THE JOB, YOU HAVE TO GO.


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