Friday, October 12, 2012

"The Donald Trump Principle" Can End This Race

With debates, ambassador murders, and political discourse dominated by claims of lies, lies, and more lies I thought it was time to check in with Billy Roy, the unofficial Chairman of the Hubbard City Cafe. My question was pretty simple and pretty direct. "BM, where is all this going?"

 "This race is about over. One of the Republicans is going to trip on what I call the 'Donald Trump Principle' and it just has to happen real soon. When it does this race is over."

 "Can't wait, BM. Lay it on me."

 "It is about Benghazi, Jim. Ryan could have ended the race last night. Romney could end it on Tuesday. It is this simple. Mr. President, assuming you are telling the truth about Benghazi that you, Biden, Clinton (State Department), Petraeus (CIA), and your other security leaders did not know about the terrorist attack until about two weeks after it happened and that you thought during this period of time it was a spontaneous demonstration about a video that turned into an attack. Again, giving you the benefit of the doubt that you are telling the truth that you, Biden, Clinton, Petraeus and security crew did not know our consulate people were in danger and asking for additional security as we approached the 911 anniversary. AGAIN, GIVING YOU THE BENEFIT OF A DOUBT THEN YOU, BIDEN, CLINTON, PATRAEUS AND CREW SHOULD ALL BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY FOR YOUR TOTAL INCOMPETENCE. ANY FOOL KNEW WITHIN DAYS, IF NOT HOURS, THIS WAS A PLANNED ATTACK. ANY FOOL KNEW BENGHAZI WAS A DANGEROUS PLACE AND THAT OUR AMBASSODOR NEEDED A FULL FORCE OF MARINES AND TOP SECURITY GUARDS ALONG WITH FORTIFIED FACILITIES. FIRE THOSE IN CHARGE. WE CANNOT HAVE INCOMPETENTS LIKE THIS IN CHARGE DURING THESE DANGEROUS TIMES."

 "Now, Jim, let's explore the alternative. What if Obama, Biden, Clinton, Petraeus, and the security leaders were lying about what they knew and when they knew. In other words they were covering up the truth because it was not convenient to support their claims that Obama had killed Bin Laden and had Al Qaeda on the run which drove up his poll numbers before this election. So if they are really competent but liars and colluding on a political cover-up to keep the truth from American voters then guess what? OBAMA, BIDEN, CLINTON, PATRAEUS, AND THE SECURITY CREW NEED TO BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY. RACE OVER!"

 "BM, you might just have something here. If Donald Trump wouldn't put up with this, why should the American people? And they won’t put up with either the incompetence or the deceit if Mitt Romney will make the charge. The Chicago thugs have trapped themselves."

 It couldn’t happen to a worse group of people,


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