Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pre-Election Letter From the Chairman of the Hubbard City Cafe

November 4, 2012


Well these months of worrying about an Obama re-election and praying for a national wake up call come to an end on Tuesday of next week. Not sure how you feel about it but I can't help but feel downright sad. Sad that those who love this country and believe the founding fathers were geniuses are having to work so hard to preserve the principles that have made us the greatest and most honorable nation in world history.

I do believe that we have a slightly better than 50/50 chance to attempt to save the United States of America as we know it by electing Mitt Romney, but what a crying shame that it is this close. With it this close you can't help but think of what a calamity it will be if the other side sneaks out a slight electoral advantage and continues the destruction of the last four years.

Just look at current events:

1. A leftist, muslim leaning, anti-colonialist (anti-American) has near 50% of Americans cheering for his re-election as the leader of the free world.

2. There was no mention of Benghazi in Sunday's political shows covering up what will more than likely be the greatest political scandal in our life time. On the other hand if Romney is going to dodge the Benghazi murders, it makes it hard to fault the press. McCain and Fox are doing all they can to keep this in the news. If Romney wins on Tuesday his high road strategy was brilliant. If he loses, he blew it by not taking Obama on regarding Benghazi. In either case Obama is breathing a sigh of relief by not having to invent more lies to cover up those already spewed.

3. Three states (Maryland, Maine, and Washington) go to the polls to vote on allowing gay men and women to have full marriage rights. No state has passed this measure to date (only activist judges) but it seems they get closer and closer. With the current divorce rate and unwed mothers with welfare children all we need is to weaken God's sanctification of marriage even more.

4. Five states will vote Tuesday to legalize marijuana. Two (Arkansas and Massachusetts) are claiming its medical benefits, and three (Oregon, Washington, and Colorado) are calling it "recreational". As if young brains aren't weak enough now we need "recreation like this" to make them complete mush?

5. None other than Chris Christie praises Obama for talking to him on the phone, coming to New Jersey for photo ops that stop the pummeling he is taking from Mitt Romney, and for giving him millions and millions of dollars that Obama and we tax payers don't have for reconstruction of New Jersey in the aftermath of the storm. Sunday's talk shows praised Obama's bi-partisanship and his polls showing a 64% approval rating in handling the crisis. I hope Republicans remember this the next time Christie needs our support. To help re-elect Obama in a blatant act to get more federal aid for your state is what makes folks at the Cafe sick of politics and phony conservative politicians.

6. Reports circling the Internet are giving details of a May 2012 meeting with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi headlining a Democratic FUND RAISER to take money from Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood front groups. The participating groups published plans to defeat people like Allen West in Florida. Pelosi condemned Republicans Islamaphobes. Meanwhile Harry Reid announced this week that if Mitt Romney thought the Democrats would compromise with him if elected he was out of his mind. All of this as proof Liberals hate Republicans more than those who would destroy our country.

With these current events less than 60% of Americans believe we are going in the wrong direction. Put the negative way, over 40% believe the country is headed in the right direction. So why do I feel downright sad?  Just seems like this great country has more things to worry about then destroying marriage, destroying young minds with dope, and redistributing things from good people to freeloaders, muslim terrorists, and crooked politicians.

Sad or not, this old cowboy ain't going to quit fighting. Tuesday is going to tell us just how big a fight we've got on our hands. In any case, the folks at the cafe ain't done.  Real Americans will always find a way.

As always, hope you are making some headway with those do nothin, scum sucking Libs in our state capital.


Billy Roy Michum
Unofficial Chairman and C&W Singer of Some Local Renown,
Home Officed at the Hubbard City Cafe

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