Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Heritage Foundation tuning into Hubbard City Cafe

Mom called and said the guys at the Hubbard City Café were asking “how many of those NATO guys were going into the mountains and take incoming fire with our guys”? Hubbard guys never have been big on trainers and consultants.

I flipped on the TV on Saturday and Obama was talking about how those trainers were as important as troops. I would guess if that’s true then we will have about 30,000 of our guys wanting to transfer into the trainer brigade. I know our guys want the important jobs. Americans are just like that. Guess we don’t need anybody in those mountains with those Taliban shooters. Maybe we can just handle them with some good tough UN Resolutions like we did in Iraq.

Interestingly I then went to the Heritage Foundation and they must have a plant at the Café because this is what they said about Obama’s visit:

“President Obama must call on European allies to help bear the military burden of the fight against the Taliban by sending more combat troops to the battlefields of Helmand province and by removing the dozens of caveats aimed at keeping their personnel out of harm's way”.

Mom will stay tuned because all we know is what we hear at the Hubbard City Café.

Somewhat confused down here in Texas.


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