Thursday, April 9, 2009

Obama Makes Friends in the Wrong Places

Excuse my lack of control but a couple of weeks ago I forced myself to sit through Obama’s town hall meeting in Strasbourg. Along with “his first task of solving the U.S. financial crisis”, “with no time to waste stopping global warming”, “bringing the U.S. a health care system like you European’s have”, his new one “solving world poverty in the third world nations so that they can buy goods from us”, “closing Gitmo and stopping the American torture of prisoners”, and he did the following (and I am not making this up).

Obama said that we could not ask the Iranians and North Koreans to not proliferate nuclear weapons until the U. S. and Russia reduce our nuclear weapons. This is the same week that Netanyahu, the new leader of Israel, said that if the U. S. did not stop Iran’s move to nuclear weapons than the Israelis will. The following week of course the North Koreans fired their missle test.

If I hear one more Conservative say that this guy is bright and articulate then I am apt to punch them.

This guy is a shallow, stammering narcissistic toy of some very scary people. At the teleprompter he just reads whatever he thinks his audience wants to hear in an unending campaign with no election in sight. Off the teleprompter, he gives long winded meaningless and boring answers to planted questions laced with stammering blunders. All the while he was trying to develop a “BRO” relationship mostly with brainless young people that he invites to join the “REVOLUTION”.

I am sorry if I am taking this personally but Billy Roy Meechum in Hubbard was arrested the morning of the Strasbourg speech for assaulting his big screen TV because this town hall meeting kept him from watching the View. Obama may be welcome in France but not at the Hubbard City Café.

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