Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hubbard Folks Want Some Stimulation

Are the folks down at The Hubbard City Cafe the only ones questioning whether our Political Leaders and Media should be scaring the shit out of everyone as we struggle in recession so that they can gain support for trillion dollar government bailouts and “stimulus” plans for the purpose of building consumer and business confidence ? If so when is our fear supposed to CHANGE to confidence? Our folks HOPE it is soon because they sure as hell are ready to feel better.

Do any of you city folks have an answer that I can take back to them?

Of course, Hubbard is really unlucky when it comes to getting stimulated. Hubbard is so unlucky we can’t even find our crumbling roads and bridges. Even, if we found some we are afraid that most of the jobs would go to illegals. Hubbard doesn’t have many road and bridge builders. We do have some crumbling barns. Are those on the list?

Not even sure we can get some money to clean our energy in Hubbard. Not even sure it’s dirty. What luck? By the way, how do you know when you have too much carbon? They asked me that last week at the drug store. Some of them even wanted to sign up for some global warming because of the cold winter we had this year. They read that it snowed in NYC yesterday.

Hell, Hubbard hasn’t even had a mortgage default or bank failure. When will we ever get a break? We did have a cashier steal some money from the till, but it wasn’t nearly as much as this Madoff guy. Heck she got caught the first time because they are so old fashioned that they still count their money every day at closing time. They want to know whether they will need to do that once they get this “congressional oversight thing” that they hear about on TV.

On the other hand, Billy Roy Meecham said he didn’t want Barney Frank overseeing nothing about him. Guess you just can’t please everybody.

Man, I have never seen the folks so mad, which I guess is good for stimulation, but they do have some pretty good questions.


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