Thursday, September 24, 2009

Obama Provides Specialized Assistance to the United Nations Asylum

Notes from the Cafe after monitoring the UN Asylum (Asylum- an institution for the maintenance and care of the mentally ill, orphans, or other persons requiring specialized assistance):

Billy Roy, local C&W star and philosopher supreme, predicts Obama will soon give a speech "making himself perfectly clear that he has already killed bin Laden, defeated the Taliban, and made peace with Al Queda, and therefor, is bringing home all troops as soon as he and General Motors can make transportation arrangements and he and ACORN can finish his 2012 US election voter registration work in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and surrounding regions. This is addition his actions in reducing the temperature, and therefor Global Warming by 10 degrees from the month of August to the month of October with more to come in the next few months."

Billy Roy repeated his belief, "After seeing Qaddafi at the UN, Clinton made a direct hit, instead of missing as the news reported, with his bombing of Qaddafi. A direct hit being 'right in the face'. This guy is uglier than Bill Clinton's first wife."

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez told the U.N. General Assembly on Thursday that he smells “hope” not sulfur in the United States (reference to George Bush who he said was the devil) now that Obama is President, and he later told reporters he "felt there was chemistry" between him and Obama. Butch Jackson, local political research specialist, thinks, "Chavez should be careful as he believes Obama would drop Happy Hugo in a minute if a bigger 'commie pinko' comes along, like Putin with his shirt off (see recent Time Magazine picture)."

Well, Mom says this kind of spirited discussion inspired Scotty Andersen to give the following tutorial: "The United States elected 43 presidents before the current occupant graced the office with his presence. We fought, and won, two world wars, liberated millions of people worldwide from tyranny, and worked cooperatively with other sovereign nations to rebuild entire continents. Some might even say the character of our nation is well established considering we have been a democracy for just over 230 years now."

He continued, "Not the Telepresident Barack Obama, who told the United Nations General Assembly yesterday, 'For those who question the character and cause of my nation, I ask you to look at the concrete actions we have taken in just nine months.'230 years versus just nine months."

Joe Frank Dell, local Hubbard historian, thinks "this guy's ego is bigger than Jerry Jones." Man did that cause a huge argument and an ongoing debate that may never be decided as long as the Dallas Cowboys are losing.

Scotty says, "the examples of his accomplishments included that we had stopped torturing people and were closing Gitmo. The UN Asylum gave him huge applause for protecting their Terrorists. (Damned that George Bush)"

"The next day the Telepresident made a huge announcement that for nine months he has known of Iran's second nuclear facility. Then he described how in only that short period of time he has convinced both the UK and France to stand up at a podium with him and voice "concern" over the Iranian's very public intention to blow Israel off the face of this earth."

Think about it,


P.S. I read that the teleprompter used "I or me" every 13 seconds in his speechs while all other US real Presidents used the term"we" speaking for the US executive branch and our nation. My research is that is an exaggeration and the number is more like every 25 seconds. (Damned that right wing press)

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