Friday, December 11, 2009

Cafe Issues Their Own Employment Report

Unemployment at something between 10-18%, Obamacare Applied to Afghanistan, Nobel Peace Breaks Out in Norway, Gore's still Changing the Climate, Heisman Trophy Uncertainties, BCS Bowl Selection Controversies, and some guy named Suh annihilates the entire UT Offensive Line.

WOW. Obviously the discussions are getting way heavy and the stress is piling up at the Cafe. It sometimes results in me getting a "venting" email like the one below from Butch Jackson, Hubbard City Cafe's resident analyst, statistician, and general observer of life:


I am in trouble...

The population of this country is 300 million.

160 million are retired.

That leaves 140 million to do the work.

There are 85 million in school.

Which leaves 55 million to do the work.

Of this there are 35 million employed by the federal government.

Leaving 20 million to do the work.

2.8 million are in the armed forces preoccupied with killing Osama Bin-Laden.

Which leaves 17.2 million to do the work.

Take from that total the 15.8 million people who work for state and city Governments.

And that leaves 1.4 million to do the work.

At any given time there are 188,000 people in hospitals.

Leaving 1,212,000 to do the work.

Now, there are 1,211,998 people in prisons.

That leaves just two people to do the work.

You and me.

And there you are, sitting on your ass, at your computer, writing blogs..


Real nice.

Generally overworked but hanging on in Hubbard City,


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