Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tiger Woods: Don't Come to the Cafe for Sympathy

Tiger Woods was cut no slack at the Hubbard City Cafe. Even though it has not been mentioned here, golf is a major topic on a semi-regular basis to the point that Billy Roy Mitchum, a non-golfer, feels like the cafe is over saturated with what he calls that "golfsh t".

Butch Jackson, local historian, statistician, and all around 'know it all', repeated a story about Arnold Palmer's lunch with Tiger Woods when Tiger was 21 years of age. It seems Tiger was complaining about the interviews, autograph seekers, news reporters, and in general the lack of privacy that kept him from living an 'ordinary life'. Arnie listened patiently before responding, "Tiger, if you want to live the life of an ordinary 21 year old, why don't you give your $50million (that's with an M) back and go play golf with your pals like most ordinary people."

Butch continued, "Well, poor Tiger is now worth almost $1Billion (that's with a B) and is still complaining about his lack of privacy. He wants people to leave him and his family alone, and talks about his private life. If it wasn't for the $1B, no one except his wife would care what he does, and that probably includes that waitress in LA. "

Sweet Lou Teakell asked an interesting question, "Has Tiger ever acknowledged that most of that $1B came from his share of selling shoes, shirts, caps, and cars. All of which he neither produced nor distributed. All he did was put what is now a fairly tainted name on these items. I guess he thinks this is 'fair, huh?"

Billy Roy closed out the discussion, "I don't know about golf, but from what I have heard I bet his military Dad would kick his skinny butt if he was alive today. Like a good number of the young people today Tiger needs to grow up. I personally wish everyone had to serve a couple of years in the military on a mandatory basis, even a Tiger Woods."

There wasn't much more to say on this topic. The Cafe has spoken.

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  1. GREAT!!!!

  2. I think that was a great discussion at the cafe this week, but if they do quit sending them over here, the jobs will probably be
    given to Iranians. Next President?

    Lanky from Hubbard