Monday, December 28, 2009

Napolitano Leaps Like An Idiot Frog to the #2 Slot

It got really rowdy today at the Cafe. Of course the conversation started with a discussion of Northwest Airlines flight 253, and of course, that led to a raging argument over the "Idiot's List".

Butch Jackson, local philosopher and news fact checker, gave his version of the multiple (more than one) interviews done by the honorable Janet Napolitano, Obama's appointed Homeland Security Secretary. It went like this:

Interviewer: Is Bdulmutallab associated with Al Queda?
Napolitano: We don't know.

Interviewer: Was this terrorist attack part of a larger plot?
Napolitano: We don't know.

Interviewer: Did the security systems at Amsterdam work?
Napolitano: We don't know.

Interviewer: Do we need to change or improve out security procedures?
Napolitano: We don't know.

Interviewer: Did our security systems in the U. S. work properly?
Napolitano: Yes, everything worked great including the passengers and crew.
Plus, all other systems were working properly within one hour after the incident.

Interviewer: This terrorist is from Nigeria and trained in Yemen, correct.
Napolitano: We are not sure about Yemen, but clearly this incident is confirmation that President Obama's decision to focus on Afghanistan and Pakistan is the correct focus.

Interviewer: So even though all systems worked after the incident, all systems completely failed to prevent the incident?
Napolitano: Exactly, that's why I have the same questions you do.

Interviewer: Would President Obama tell American Citizens that it is safe to fly today?
Napolitano: Absolutely!!!!

Billy Roy came in with both barrels blazing. "So this middle aged, overweight thing ,with more hair colors than the rainbow, thinks that once the Pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN) was not discovered by security and then failed to explode because of a faulty syringe detonator, and once the passengers overpowered the Islamic Terrorist, and the passengers and crew detained this Muslim extremist terrorist-- than everything worked after that. In my opinion this Janet what-ever-her-name-is goes to 2nd place in the World Biggest Idiot's List."

Well this last statement put the puck on the ice. Joe Frank Dell said, "Wait a minute. You are putting her above Robert Gibbs, Obama's idiotic press secretary? Did you hear him on the Sunday shows? He works everyday and clearly deserves that second slot on the idiot ticket."

Of course Butch couldn't just sit there. "I still think Pelosi and Reid aren't given enough credit. This would push them down to 4th and 5th slots just ahead of the Iranian President. I still think Maxine Waters should be at least in the top 5, and what about Barbara the California Boxer?"

Aunt Martha took the opportunity to bring up an old issue about our Vice President. "I know we have all agreed that Joe Biden is off the idiot charts but I just wonder if we are treating him fairly? He so likes recognition."

Mayor Fulton then came in and made a decision: "The fact that half of the detainees in GITMO are from Yemen should have been somewhat of an alert not to mention that Bdulmutallab's dad called the U.S. embassy with an explicit warning tells me this is off the charts idiocy. OK, put this Janet Napa-something in the second slot just under Barry himself, who appointed most of these guys. We will review it again after the first of the year. Our problem is that we are just so candidate rich. Hopefully the list can be reduced after the November elections in 2010."

Meanwhile I put my son's family on a flight this morning.

God Watch Over Us All,


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