Monday, March 14, 2011

Why Bubba Lee Don't Like Chicago

"Darned those guys in the Middle East. They are like a big wad of gum or even worse on Obama's election 2012 campaign back in Chicago," opened up Butch who had been reading his Stratfor reports. "Israel Defense Forces launched a manhunt March 12 for the perpetrators of an attack that took place the previous night in a West Bank settlement. In the attack, the suspect broke into an Israeli home in Itamar settlement and stabbed to death the father, mother and three children, aged 11, three and a one-month old baby. Wonder how long it will take the Chicago guys to admit this could be connected to Muslim Jihadist Terrorism? Don't want to step on anyone's toes here. However, these evil animals did stab the kids multiple times in their hearts.

Meanwhile in a big deal the Saudis have taken military action to stop the attempt to overthrow the government in Bahrain, a US ally. This poses a huge problem for Iran who is stirring up Shiite uprisings in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, along with creating mischief in Afghanistan and Iraq. Iran anxiously awaits the US pull out in Iraq where they have the support of the radical Shiite population there. Obama has a problem. When he pulls out they go in. Decisions, decisions! What works best for Campaign 2012? How do you apply Chicago Style Politics to the Middle East? Wisconsin is just a lot easier for Obama and his Chicago Socialist thugs. Wouldn't surprise me if the message flowing from Chicago to Iran was 'just lay off until after 2012, and then do what you want'. Just call it turf distribution or spreading the wealth or transforming the Middle East. It is amazing how the Jewish vote goes to Obama no matter how badly he throws Israel under the train. Every Jewish voter should get special delivery pictures of that Israeli family."

Bubba Lee Barnes doesn't talk much, probably because he is one of the few at the Cafe that still saucers his coffee, but something caused an outburst, "When I think about world affairs being run out of Chicago, Illinois it scares me so much I have to fight back a bowel movement." Might add that Bubba Lee doesn't get scared very often, like some would say 'never'. Bubba Lee must not like Chicago.

Bubba's statement set the conversation back somewhat before Butch came back changing the subject, "On this budget thing the Chicago guys are hoping to blame what they call a government shutdown on the Republicans to protect old Skinny from never having a budget while he bankrupts us as part of his transformation. In my opinion this country needs a government SLOWDOWN in the worst way. What would cease? Well, not the functions of government that most people consider important, which would continue as they have in past government SLOWDOWNS. Social Security checks would arrive; doctors and hospitals would provide medical services to seniors, veterans, and the poor; the mail would be delivered; our troops and national defenses would continue to protect us; law enforcement at our border wouldn't get any worse; protection of life and property would go on as before. O.K. maybe Planned Parenthood and people like NPR (Nasty Politics Radio) wouldn't get their TAXPAYER checks, but that's a good thing."

"The government would SLOW DOWN, not shut down. I say bring it on and the sooner the better."

Billy Roy had the numbers on this day which really took Butch back a little, "The U.S. government posted a budget deficit of $222.5 billion in February, the largest monthly deficit on record, even Obama's

Treasury Department admitted. Compare this to 2007 when we had a deficit of $161billion FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR. The government spent about $333 billion in February and took in about $110 billion. And Obama is worried about gasoline prices hurting his big recovery. This government SLOWDOWN would happen because the Dems can't agree on the big old Republican spending cut of $57 billion which would be 1.6% of this year's deficit. The Dems want to cut .13 of one per cent. For a family making $40,000 this would be like them cutting spending by $4 for the year as compared to the Republican plan in which the family would have to cut $4 per month. Only in Washington would they allow the Chicago thugs to manipulate such a ridiculous charade."

If I knew any big words I would call the Skinny guy in the White House completely delusional. On the other hand I guess he just reads what they send him from Chicago. I would work on learning some bigger words myself but it seems to me they don't fit into songs very well. And besides I am told there is a new poll out that says only 3% of the people think that those folks up north coming out of those Ivy League schools make better workers than the rest of us. Guess that is why we elect em President, let em run Wall Street, fix Global Warming, and stuff like that. It keeps em out of the way of the people in Chicago who are running the free world all based on winning the 2012 election. Some of this just don't seem right to the simple folks I talk to who know those February numbers are like Ivy Leaguers. They just don't work for long."

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