Monday, February 13, 2012

O-Bombing The Free World

Butch Jackson has spent much of the past 3 years studying, even reading books, to better understand what makes Barrack Hussein Obama II tick. In fact, Butch has made this activity second only to football in the use of his spare time, which is most of the time. He roared in to the Hubbard City Cafe with his conclusions just this past week.

"Obama's mind is warped. We have all known that for some time. I know why. It is all in his book, a book that most people call 'Dreams of My Father' which isn't the real name. The real name is 'Dreams from My Father'. In other words, Obama got his dreams FROM his father. Forget the pesky little facts that Obama's father was a revolutionary bigamist who was an alcoholic. Obama, Sr. was also a dedicated anti-colonialist who hated the rich Europeans and Americans who he felt gained their wealth from robbing poor nations. His dreams were to make strong nations weaker and weak nations stronger by redistributing wealth. Got it?"

"Obama, Jr. comes along as a Presidential candidate who looks Black and acts White. White Americans who feel guilty about this country's racial past flock to Obama to ease their guilt, not to mention defeating the sleazy Clintons who even the Democrats were fed up with. Once elected, Obama has launched an unyielding attack to weaken this country and further his father's dreams on a scale never dreamed of even by his father."

"Look at Obama's tactics. On any issue, Obama first, paints two ridiculous extremes. Take taxes, he says, 'There are those who would have the rich pay no capital gains taxes and minimum rates as low as 15% on their income. There are others who would tax only the rich and make them pay rates of 80-90%. I am for fair tax rates with everyone doing paying their fair share of the tax burden.' Obama then proposes an extreme tax plan of taxing the successful and re-distributing to the unsuccessful. He wants to raise capital gains from 15-28%, and he would love to get rates of those making over $200,000 to as high as 40-50%. The tax increases on the successful would meet Obama's dream of weakening dramatically the American economy by stopping investments in large and small businesses. While screwing the producers and re-distributing to the moochers, Obama rhetoric is aimed at the middle class. Why? Because he needs their votes. He preaches class warfare in that the rich are not sharing the burden and are pushing the burden to the middle class. This is an idiot pitch pure and simple."

Billy Roy Mitchum, local renown country and western star, who will be recognized as "Citizen of the Year" by none other than the Hubbard Chamber of Commerce next month, hitched his jeans up and waded in with both size 12 Tony Lamas, "Butch, this may be your best research since you convinced Mack Brown that he should fire his offensive coordinator. As you went through this I applied your findings to the housing crisis which created the recession that has brought this country to its knees. Clearly the housing collapse was caused by the federal government. They not only gave the banks cheap money, they said if the loans went bad they would have Freddie and Fannie back them up and make the loans good. They pressured the banks to make loans to people who could not afford them. They even supported demonstrations by community organizers like ACORN (remember Obama's previous employer). There were marches on banks that were not making enough bad loans to poor people with claims of racism. So what did Obama do when the market collapsed? He blames the big successful banks, the Wall Street fat cats, for taking advantage of poor home owners, He has his accomplices, Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, pass legislation to protect Main Street from the fat cats'. The fine print of the legislation makes it difficult for the banks to make money and gives the government control of the banking industry to go along with health care, autos, energy, insurance, etc. Bottom line, Obama has weakened the country's housing market and brought the successful financial industry to its knees and placing it under Obama's control. If you want to weaken a country weaken their financial system.  If you want todestroy a business, let the government run it."

BM was just getting started, "Look at the current issues with Catholic Hospitals and Schools having to provide contraceptives, sterilization, and morning after abortion pills. Obama paints his untrue and ridiculous estremes, 'There are those who want to ban contraception. Others want to make religious organizations go against their beliefs. I am for a solution that satisfies both sides.' These are good words but his claimed compromise solution is once again very, very extreme. He O-Bombs the insurance companies by making them provide these services FREE (Liberals believe anything is free that they don't have to pay for). Obacare tells insurance companies what they must cover and what they can charge their policyholders.  He O-Bombs religious organizations by making their insurance plans cover policyholders for services that are considered by many as sinful and counter to their religious beliefs. The federal government is banned by the Constitution from dictating to businesses and religious organizations (remember at one time Obama was alleged to have taught Constitutional Law). Once again, Obama's 'down the middle compromise' is way more extreme than our founder's would have ever dreamed could happen. Again Obama weakens two of America's greatest assets, our free enterprise system and our religious freedoms, and in doing so, he makes the strong much weaker."

Well, with that BM adjourned this coffee break. Looks like the guys are on to something. I will try applying other issues like defense and energy to see if the shoe fits with Obama's anti-colonialism. Something tells me it will. We have a President in the White House who wants to weaken our country, our European allies, and Israel on the world's stage. Inside the United States this President wants to weaken our free enterprise business structures, our investors, our religious institutions, our educational institutions, our immigration policies, our national defense, etc., etc. In each case my bet is he is selling his extremist and destructive actions as moderate compromises between two entirely unrealistic extremes.

Are we this stupid? Think about it.


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