Friday, February 17, 2012

Obama Skunks USA in a 7-0 Route

The folks at the Cafe are big baseball fans probably because one of the greatest players of all time, Tris Speaker, comes from Hubbard.  This love of baseball seems to make the guys want to keep score on almost everything.  It appears nothing hurts our current President more than keeping score.  He and the press have their little act down pat to explain away any kind of performance scoring.  They send out messages like, "Everybody under-estimated just how bad George Bush's recession was and what a deep hole it put this nation in.  Even though we have done a lot to stimulate recovery, there is a lot more to do (like re-electing Obama)."

Well it appears Butch Jackson has the goods on Obama no matter how much he and the media cook the books on recovery, "Our commander in chief not only wants to destroy the USA economically, but also as the international leader of the free world.    Ever since WWII the USA has become the protector of freedom around the world, a task only made possible by backing this commitment with the strongest military in the world.  WWII taught us diligence.  Our troop strength went from a high during the big war of 12 million to 1.3 million at the time of the 911 attack in 2001.  We then found that our troop strength was too small to fight two small wars (Afghanistan and Iraq).  A big mistake that has cost American lives and treasure."

"Since the big war, we have been the protector of our allies who shared our principles of freedom and peace.  We have not asked for land or treasures in exchange for this protection.  Today, Obama clearly wants to, and in fact is, destroying our International leadership.  In fact if you put it in baseball scores Obama sweeps every game of the series with SEVEN WINS to a big fat ZERO for the USA.  We lose every game in the series to this little skinny little traitor who throws a baseball like a girl."

"Don't believe me?  Here are the box scores":

Obama Beats the USA in Iraq in 4 Innings
1.  Declares Iraq the "bad" war
2.  Withdraws troops leaving no residual force to protect a fragile democracy
3.  Leaves Iraq to a coalition of Iran and militant Muslim Shiites
4.  Demonstrates that our losses of lives and treasure are for nothing when we enter George Bush's "bad" wars

Obama Beats the USA in Afghanistan in 8 Innings
1.  Declares Afghanistan the "good" war
2.  Deploys a "mini-surge" while announcing a troop withdrawal schedule at the same time
3.  Fires Gen. McChristle our military leader for telling the truth
4.  Transfers Gen. Patraeus cover for "mini-surge" (Patraeus then is removed from the battlefield and stuck away in the CIA that Panetta has already neutered)
5.  Brands Afghanistan leaders and USA allies as "corrupt"
6.  Obama's "Generals" lie about our successes over the Taliban in an attempt to present "victory before the pull out"
7.  Negotiates to give Afghanistan back to the Taliban (claims this week a big victory that Afghan leaders have joined the talks with the Taliban)
8.  Will declare our defeat in Afghanistan is a lesson that we should never commit troops (just use drones) and that our losses of lives and treasure are for nothing even when we enter "a good war"

Obama Beats the USA in Easter Europe in 4 Innings
1.  Negotiates a NEW START treaty with Russia that is so complicated it rivals Obamacare
2.  Stiffs the Czechs and Poles by cancelling our missile defense commitments to them
3.  Hopes to gain a better "working relationship" with the Russians by stiffing our allies
4.  Russia continues to block all US proposals (like Syria) in UN

Obama Beats USA in Asia in 6 Innings
1.  Last summer Obama cuts military budget by $487 billion over 10 years
2.  Obama uses a political trick involving a "super-congressional committee" to make massive cuts (another $500 billion) to defense
3.  Obama announces plans to cut 100,000 troops from the Army and Marines while reducing the Navy fleet and the Air Force
4.  Obama asks the Pentagon for a plan to cut our nuclear arsenal from 1,550 to as few as 300 (about the size of China who has the largest land army in the world)
5.  In the same week as his request to the Pentagon is "leaked" Obama graciously welcomes China's next President to the White House (China who is dramatically increasing its Navy, Air Force, nuclear and missile technology)
6.  Obama shows dramatic progress on his commitment to the world to eliminate our nuclear safety net for all nations and to uni-laterally disarm the military leader of the free world (who Obama despises)

Obama Beats the USA in Iran in 4 Innings
1.  Obama chooses to have a dialogue with Iranian leaders instead of even verbally supporting one million protesters calling for regime change in the streets of Iran
2.  Obama pulls out of Iraq giving Iran access to the third largest oil reserves in the world
3.  Obama "cautiously" supports sanctions because "he doesn't want to increase the price of oil" which has doubled in the US since he came into office
4.  Obama (his accomplice Leon Panetta who is now neutering the Defense Department) leaks Israeli plans to stop Iran from developing nukes in an attempt to block them from using force

Obama Beats the USA in the Middle East in  5 Innings
1.  Obama praises the uprising in Egypt that overthrows our long time secular ally as "The Arab Spring"
2.  Radical Egyptian Muslims threaten to gain control of Egypt and cancel Israeli peace agreement
3.  Egyptian military hanging on to power by a string with no assistance from Obama
3.  Obama "leads from behind" in placing US Military under NATO in Libya overthrowing another strong secular dictator in favor of tribal warfare that includes more power to radical Muslims
4.  Libyan success touted as a model for the future that the USA should not act alone in "policing" the world
5.  Obama has it set up for Iran and radical Muslims to overthrow the remaining Arab ally, the Saudis (rich royal families stealing from their own people like all of Obama's hated Colonialists do).  This gives the bad guys 70% of the world's oil reserves

Obama Beats the USA in the Americas in 5 Innings
1.  Obama takes measures to treat foreign terrorists as US Citizens who are innocent and lawyered up until proven guilty
2.  Obama releases many captured terrorists from his hated GITMO to return to the battlefield
3.  Obama allows illegal immigrants across unprotected southern borders and stops deportations under the guise of limited resources and deportation of dangerous criminals only
4.  Obama sues any state who tries to protect themselves from illegal immigrants
5.  Obama cow tows to Venezuela, Cuba, and any other Socialist leaning regimes in the Americas

Billy Roy summed up as usual, "Series over.  We lose every game and go 0-7.  We never even took Obama to the 9th inning!  And I ain't sleeping a wink tonight."

So if Butch is even close to accurate on Obama's intent to destroy our leadership role in the world, you would think that real Americans would vote him out of office just on his foreign policies.  Or will they believe him when he cooks the unemployment books to show that only 7.5-8% of Americans are out of work by November and believe that there is still more good things for him to stimulate?  And, that this stimulation is more important than our children's safety in a hostile world, much of which joins Obama in his hatred for the Judeo Christian principles of the USA.

Think about it,


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