Thursday, February 23, 2012

Obama's Budget Is The Work of A Saboteur

Butch Jackson is doubling down on his claim that Barrack Hussein Obama is an anti-colonialist who has a diabolical plan to drain the strength of the United States of America and return it to those underprivileged folks that this country has robbed.  Those underprivileged being both weak countries around the world and those he deems to be underprivileged classes of people inside this country.

Butch came roaring into the Hubbard City Cafe for coffee waiving the President's budget that was released last week in one hand and his ball cap in the other, "Numbers don't lie.  Obama's budget is a detailed plan to destroy our country.  The budget calls for adding $1.3 Trillion to the deficit this year and $11 Trillion over the next 10 years to go on top of the near $16 Trillion that is currently owed by our children and grandchildren." 

"Obama's verbiage spews, 'A reduction in the deficit of $4 Trillion and a balanced approach of a fair tax on the rich and spending cuts.  The truth is in the big picture numbers.  In 2012 the budget calls for spending $3.8 Trillion with revenues of $2.5 Trillion for a huge deficit of $1.33 meaning for every $2 the government takes from taxpayer it will borrow another $1 to pay its bills.  The liar in chief then claims that he will increase taxes by 16% in the name of fairness and the economy growth rate will more than double in 2013 to over 4% bringing the deficit down to ONLY $900 Billion.  No way these projections are anything but BS."

"The details are a farce meaning the real deficit will be even higher, if you can imagine.  Specifics worth noting is Obama wants to raise taxes on every tax payer over $200,000 knowing this would severely impact the nation's anemic growth rate if passed reducing tax collections (particularly from small business owners).  He also knows Republicans will never agree to these increases, a fact he will use to blame them for the deficit.  The only cuts in Medicare or Social Security is a $300 Billion cut to health 'providers' which is a form of rationing.  Folks are saying 'don't worry this budget will not pass and is only a campaign document for his re-election'.  There is extreme danger in taking this attitude.  This will be the 4th year the Democratic Senate and the President have not passed a budget.  Meanwhile they are completely destroying the nation by running up these huge deficits.  The O-Bomber in chief IS DESTROYING THE COUNTRY BY SKILLFULLY CREATING A LEGISLATIVE IMPASSE AS DEFICITS CONTINUE TO GOBBLE AWAY AT OUR NATION'S ECONOMIC LEADERSHIP.  If voters do not insist on a candidate that will reverse our spending addictions and get the economy growing at rates greater than 2% this nation is toast."

"Look at where he wants to spend more in 2012.  It is all about more regulations to choke the economy.  60% more spending on pipeline safety.  20% more on regulating Securities and Exchange.  50% more spending on Futures Trading.  Look at what he will cut:  Defense, Homeland Security, NASA, and agriculture.  The biggest cut?  70% cut by Holder at the Justice Department in reimbursing state and local law enforcement for jailing illegals which is the Fed's responsibility."

"Butch your work exposing his tactics and goals appear to be right on.  I looked at health care.  He painted two extremes.  One is that, 'There are those who want to do nothing allowing costs to continue to rise and insurance companies to not offer coverage to sick people'.  "Others want the government to take over health care with a single payer system'.  He then lays out his Obamacare claims that will cover everyone while reducing every one's costs and force mean insurance companies to cover sick people.  This is another of Obama's extreme compromises that gives the federal government control of the health care industry driving insurance companies out of business so the government can come to our rescue as it becomes a single payer in phase 2.  This is right out of the Obama play book to destroy the greatest health care system in the world and weaken our nation."

"Speaking of oil, the Obama tactics are the same.  'Some would continue making us dependent on unreliable foreign sources of energy by buying oil from the Middle East and letting  the Chinese develop tomorrow's sources of clean energy, solar and wind.  Others would place all bets on solar and wind.  I am for a balanced approach.  Explore, produce, and manufacture fossil fuels in a well planned approach that doesn't pollute our world while making the INVESTMENTS in clean energy'.  Sounds great doesn't it.  But what are his actions?  They are destructive and way extreme.  He first banned off shore drilling at greater than 500 feet depths.  When a judge over ruled this ridiculous regulation, Obama changed the ban to drilling from floating platforms.  Meanwhile as he blocks every way possible our efforts to produce oil, gas, and coal to become self sufficient from foreign sources, Obama gives Brazil $2 Billion to finance off shore drilling with nothing in the deal to share in the production.  And of course he blocks the pipeline from Canada knowing the oil will go to China.  Same formula in presenting ridiculously extreme options that no sane person would agree with and offering as a compromise of an extreme solution that weakens our country and punishes our citizens.  Meanwhile he privately rejoices as gasoline prices go up in his hopes if they get high enough his green energy might become economically feasible.  He has worked to double gasoline prices since he has been in office.  Treason doesn't get any worse than this.  It has to be on purpose.  No one could be this stupid."

Well, that is what happened on this day at the cafe.  I don't agree with Billy Roy when he says no one could be this stupid.  Obama voters are!!  Rasmussen says on this very day this would include 49% of likely voters. What a shame.  The underprivileged that Obama claims to help will suffer the most as this nation decays.  They do in any socialist (or anti-colonial) takeover.

Think about it.


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